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Hardy L. Brown

Politics verses Politicians

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Politics is a word that so many people have come to dislike and some even hate.

Let Us Make A Better Community

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For the past week the Inland Empire community has been circled by a ring of fire. It started out in the Fontana community and headed in two directions, East and West, at the same time engulfing homes, animals, and acres of land while property owners and other residents ran for safe haven.

Get Involved - Vote

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Throughout the Inland Empire voters will march off to the polls and cast ballots for people to represent them on City Councils, K-12 School Boards, Community College Boards, and Water Districts.

Return Rogers and Jordan-Davis to Office

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I remember going to Perris to read meters for Southern California Edison, the area was just a blip on the map and Blacks were not a part of the political landscape.

Tillman and Brown for School Board

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My grandchildren love to buy candy that has a sour and bitter taste so they can frown up their faces when they eat it. Well the political events on the national and state levels are leaving a sour taste in most voters’ mouths.

That is not true on the local level and adds to the reason we should get involved with our elected officials in our communities in order to prevent surprises at the state and national elections.

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