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Hardy L. Brown

Community Police Commission Does Not Need Reviewing

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Some of the new city council representatives in Riverside are considering eliminating the newly established Community Police Review Commission.

Sup. Young: When you live in a glass house don’t throw stones

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“When you live in a glass house please don’t throw stones,” my mama would say to me from time to time. This week Supervisor Clifford Young decided to throw a brick into my house at my wife.

Danny Tillman for Supervisor

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Usually I do not take an editorial endorsement position during primary elections because the race is crowded and we allow the candidates to slug it out and we would then endorse between those left standing.

What’s Behind Moving the S.B. Black History Parade?

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So the Black History Committee of San Bernardino moved the Black History Parade to a location that they believe would be more accessible to more Black people in San Bernardino.

What Would King Do?

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Most of us are familiar with the acronym (WWJD) that stands for “What Would Jesus Do?” We have now asked a similar question many times since the death of Martin Luther King Jr. What would Martin Luther King Jr. say or do if he were alive today?

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