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Hardy L. Brown

Penman Has A “Keeping Blacks & Browns” in Their Place Mentality

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The change in the San Bernardino City Charter proposed by City Attorney Jim Penman, must be viewed with jaundiced eyes by Black Americans living in the city.

One Step Forward and Two Steps Back

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A lot of political activities have taken place in San Bernardino in the past few weeks and I’m not talking about Tuesday’s primary election. I’m referring to the recent appointments of Clifford Young as Supervisor and Robert Percy as San Bernardino Community College Trustee replacing Beverly Powell who resigned because of personal reasons.

Walter Hawkins for 62nd Assembly District

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Voters in the Democratic Party have three candidates to select from for the 62nd assembly district.

Community Police Commission Does Not Need Reviewing

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Some of the new city council representatives in Riverside are considering eliminating the newly established Community Police Review Commission.

Sup. Young: When you live in a glass house don’t throw stones

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“When you live in a glass house please don’t throw stones,” my mama would say to me from time to time. This week Supervisor Clifford Young decided to throw a brick into my house at my wife.

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