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Hardy L. Brown

Bad Leadership or Bad Counsel or Both

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"Without wise leadership, a nation is in trouble; but with good counselors there is safety." Proverbs 11:14. The way things are going in Iraq at the moment it appears President Bush made a mistake and received unwise counsel in going after Saddam Hussein.

Penman: Shifting Gears and Tossing the Hot Potato

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It appears as though Mr. Jim Penman, our San Bernardino City Attorney from Mississippi, has decided to change his strategy in changing the city charter.

Don’t Sign Petitions: They Could be Dangerous to Your Political and Economic Health

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Some of you will be faced with a petition being shoved in your hands to sign in order to get a state proposition or charter change on the ballot for this November.

Blacks Dis- proportion ately Represented in CDC

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According to a first quarter 2004 report issued by the California Department of Corrections, there are 300,415 offenders under their jurisdiction at a cost of $5.7 billion to taxpayers.

Help Save our Youth and Communities

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Almost on a daily occurrence all over the Inland Empire we get reports of some student incident that involve racial assault, rape, bodily assault or firearms with the threat of use.

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