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Hardy L. Brown

Reagan Legacy Mixed Bag in Black America

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As soon as I learned of the passing of former President Ronald Regan, I started searching for a photo that Sam Martin, publisher of the American Newspaper, ...

The Group: A New Watchdog

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Mayor Ron Loveridge and a few Riverside city council members were in the process of evaluating George Carvalho, the city manager, so they could terminate his contract until they ran into the Riverside civic organization called The Group.

Don’t fall for the Rope-A-Dope of Penman and his Cronies

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When Muhammad Ali was in his prime he developed a couple of boxing phrases to describe his fighting style and they are remembered today.

One was the “Rope-A-Dope” and the other was the “Ali-shuffle.” The Rope-A-Dope was used when he wanted his opponent to think he was almost knocked out and his opponent would come in closer for the kill.

Brown vs. Board

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When Brown verses the Topeka Board of Education decision was handed down, I was in the sixth grade in Jones County Elementary School with an all Black student body. It was a wooden building located just across the road in front of our home.

Charles Redd: Just Did It

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Some people talk about helping others while others just do it. Charles Redd was one of those people who just did it. His reputation as a counselor at Fontana High School when I was referred to him back in 1972 was if you want some help, you go to Mr. Redd.

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