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Hardy L. Brown

Veteran’s Day

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With the war going on in Iraq we keep our mind on the soldiers who are fighting the war whether we believe in the war are not. As Black Americans it becomes a double whammy because of our past treatment...

The election for 2004 is over - get ready for the next one

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There are several things that happened during this election year. One, our people care about this country and government. Two, young people of the cell phone generation would not be denied this time around.

Don’t Forget to Vote Tuesday

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This is the last time you will hear from me about voting in the November 2nd presidential election. I’ve made my choice and hope you have made yours. If not, then consider the ones we have made here at the Black Voice News.

Living for Hope Get out and Vote

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This coming Sunday the bible study lesson is taken from Ezekiel 37:1 through 14 and speaks of The Valley of the Dry Bones with a title “Living for Hope.” Ezekiel describes...

Black People Vote Early it is Legal

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The U.S. Census did a survey back in 2000 on the reasons people use for not voting by sex, race and age. Blacks, at a rate of 18.5%, said they were too busy and had conflicting schedules.

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