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Hardy L. Brown

Have a Merry Christmas

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The thought occurred to me of how we celebrate three Christmases at the same time in our culture. The first one is the true reason for the season and that is the glorious birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who took on all our sins in order to save us from our sin sick souls.

Are You On Fire?

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Last week during one of our cool mornings the thought crossed my mind of having to start a fire in the stove and churches being on fire for the Lord. I don’t remember the exact connection but I recall church members sometimes being excited when talking...

Sheriff Doyle To Be Commended

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When an organization or person has earned some props it is important to give them, even if others might think differently. In other words give credit where credit is due.

Artest’s Actions: Do As We Say, Not As We Do

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The early part of last week we had a brawl at one of the National Basketball Association’s ball games. The melee started when Ben Wallace gave Ron Artest a hard shove under the basket. You know what happens when a ballplayer on the opposing team is attacked, every player from both sides comes to the rescue.

Count Your Blessings and Give Thanks

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One of my brothers, Charles Donnie Brownwas telling me the story of our sister Elsie Dean Simmons, when she went to the doctor to have some lab work done and the person drawing the blood was left handed.

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