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Hardy L. Brown

Count Your Blessings and Give Thanks

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One of my brothers, Charles Donnie Brownwas telling me the story of our sister Elsie Dean Simmons, when she went to the doctor to have some lab work done and the person drawing the blood was left handed.

This Week In America

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There is a lot to write about this week and I only have a small amount of space.

However I’m going to take a stab at it and hope I get my point across.

Veteran’s Day

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With the war going on in Iraq we keep our mind on the soldiers who are fighting the war whether we believe in the war are not. As Black Americans it becomes a double whammy because of our past treatment...

The election for 2004 is over - get ready for the next one

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There are several things that happened during this election year. One, our people care about this country and government. Two, young people of the cell phone generation would not be denied this time around.

Don’t Forget to Vote Tuesday

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This is the last time you will hear from me about voting in the November 2nd presidential election. I’ve made my choice and hope you have made yours. If not, then consider the ones we have made here at the Black Voice News.

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