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Hardy L. Brown

Great Historical Organization for Hard Times

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For this week’s edition of our celebration of Black History we are focusing o­n existing organizations or institutions that originated under hard times. There were no laws that gave them the right to organize, read, marry, work, visit each other or go off the plantations.

It’s in the Water

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We love to throw around the phrase: “it’s in the water.”  Especially when a person does something that is unusual or strange. When a person hits the ball harder or longer, we say “it’s in the water?” When a person can run faster than any o­ne else, “it’s in the water?” When a person can answer questions that stump the average Joe, we say “it’s in the water?”

Condi Rice’s “Impressive” Career

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The confirmation hearing of Condoleezza Rice was historic in American history in general and Black American history in particular. We witnessed a Black female being grilled by the senate confirmation committee interviewing her to replace the outgoing Secretary of State Colin Powell, who was the first Black to hold the position.

Department of Education Leaves Black Press Behind

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Recently the white media has plastered the pages of their papers and littered the airwaves o­n television and radio with the  news of the $241,000.00 paid to Armstrong Williams by the Department of Education.

The Legacy of a Man and a Community

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One of Martin Luther King, Jr. legacies was centered around the idea of a Beloved Community. This was a community of love, peace, inspiration and helping o­ne another in other words, “love thy neighbor as thy self.”

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