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Hardy L. Brown

Say Welcome to Fontana Nissan, Marc Wims

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If you are a homebuyer sometimes your realtor or builder will leave a “Welcome to the Neighborhood Kit” at the house for you when you move in. Sometimes the neighbor will even bring cookies or wine over to say welcome. It’s the neighborly thing to do. When a mother delivers a new baby that the family and friends have been waiting for, the hospital will give the mother a welcome kit to the new arrival.

Riverside City Should Seek More Public Input

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When citizens who pay taxes for the city, speak before the elected city governing body about city issues, that is city business. The city council members of Riverside decided to restrict citizens input while they are meeting to conduct city business that these same citizens will have to pay for. Sounds as though these elected officials want to represent without participation from the people who voted for them. Hilter started out with that kind of thinking.

First 5: Follow The Money

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The “last hired first fired” issue came before the U.S. Supreme Court back in the 1960s when some United Steelworkers employees in Louisiana  raised the concern that Blacks were always the last to be hired in the workforce and the first to be fired when there was a problem in the workplace.

Harvard President says Women Lack Intrinsic Aptitude in Science

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Dr.  Lawrence Summers, President of Harvard University, the nation’s oldest institution of higher education is continuing to spout some of the same beliefs the university was founded o­n when he referred to differences of “intrinsic aptitude” for science between women and men at a meeting of the National Bureau of Economic Research. 

Relevant Black History National Organization

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This week during Black History I want to take a look at some of the organizations that came into existence after the civil war and focused their mission o­n civil rights and the socialization of our people through education. In the early 1900 we were wrestling with separate but equal laws and KKK organizations.

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