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Hardy L. Brown

Signals of Racism Being Sent

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The real outward signs of racism have long faded from “Jim Crow” signs displayed in public places, but the remnants are still lingering in pockets of our community. Some people would like to talk about it, while others want to say it is not real and therefore should be ignored. I want to review two situations that let me know that racism is a topic that America needs to come to grips with in order to remove the “band-aid” so that real healing can begin.

The political season is beginning in the IE

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The political season is beginning to send up smoke signals prior to starting fires after the filing dates have passed. In Riverside, we have start up receptions by Frank Schiavone who is currently o­n the Riverside city council and seeking re-election. A newcomer to challenging Schiavone is Debra Freeman.

Living in San Bernardino can be Dangerous to your Health if you are Black

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On the side of every pack of cigarettes is the warning “Smoking by pregnant women may result in fatal injury premature birth and low birth weight” in other words  “smoking cigarettes could be dangerous to your health”. This warning came about because of public protest with the argument that a disproportionate number of people who smoke had lung cancer, heart disease, and other cigarette related disease. They did not tell people they had to quit smoking o­nly that it was bad for their health. Through their advocacy,  special programs have been implemented to reduce the impact of our youth.

Privitizing Social Security Not Good For Blacks

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President Bush is proposing some major changes in our current Social Security benefits for people when they become eligible for retirement. While his idea appeals to all of us who desire more, it could wind up being less for you to live o­n when you become too old to work or your dependents to live o­n if you die earlier then expected.

Know Your History

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Now I know history is important but an incident happened o­n April 5, 2005 while I was waiting for the start of our Booker T. Washington program at the Mission Inn that lets me know how important it is. I was standing o­n the ledge admiring the pictures of the various United States presidents that have visited this historical building. Several visitors had taken pictures and gone when two White guys came up and were looking at the portraits.

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