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Hardy L. Brown

Privitizing Social Security Not Good For Blacks

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President Bush is proposing some major changes in our current Social Security benefits for people when they become eligible for retirement. While his idea appeals to all of us who desire more, it could wind up being less for you to live o­n when you become too old to work or your dependents to live o­n if you die earlier then expected.

Know Your History

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Now I know history is important but an incident happened o­n April 5, 2005 while I was waiting for the start of our Booker T. Washington program at the Mission Inn that lets me know how important it is. I was standing o­n the ledge admiring the pictures of the various United States presidents that have visited this historical building. Several visitors had taken pictures and gone when two White guys came up and were looking at the portraits.

Terri Schiavo Case Not A Public Decision

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Last week I received a call followed by a letter asking why the Black community hadn’t joined in o­n the Terri Schiavo issue of supporting her right to live with a feeding tube. He was mainly chiding the clergy for not speaking out and holding protests since we claim to have a lock o­n communicating with God.

New Opportunities in North Fontana

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In the thirty seventh chapter of Ezekiel, God gives a vision of restoration to a people who had been given broken promises and placed in a barren land.  God asked Ezekiel if this valley of dry desolate bones could live.  In today’s language it means, can anything good come from these perceived lazy, ungrateful, exiled people?  God knows with a little bit of hope and a committed strong belief in Him, anything is possible.

Say Welcome to Fontana Nissan, Marc Wims

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If you are a homebuyer sometimes your realtor or builder will leave a “Welcome to the Neighborhood Kit” at the house for you when you move in. Sometimes the neighbor will even bring cookies or wine over to say welcome. It’s the neighborly thing to do. When a mother delivers a new baby that the family and friends have been waiting for, the hospital will give the mother a welcome kit to the new arrival.

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