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Hardy L. Brown

The New York Times the New White Blackface

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In American history, during the days of Jim Crow, there was a very popular marketing tool within the entertainment industry by Whites to sell products to Black America. There were many Whites who loved to be entertained by Black singing, dancing, and playing of instruments. However, there was a large portion of the White community who would not be caught dead in the same building with us. During that same period many Whites used Black cartoon characters to sell their products and in some cases actual fronted Black lead representatives to the Black community.

Does Riverside City Discriminates Against Blacks?

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The City of Riverside boasts o­n its website and in its personnel office that they are an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and people who feel they are qualified should apply. However, if you were to ask many Blacks, who work for the city, their response might be: “they might hire you but will not promote you.”

The Baca’s Third Slice of the Political Cake

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After hearing the rumor and then reading about the three Baca’s seeking office as Congressman, State Senator, and Assemblyman I was instantly struck with memories of my childhood and my mother’s coconut pineapple cake.

Clarence Thomas’ States Rights

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Recently a case from California was brought before the United States Supreme Court over the issue of a District Attorney’s office using their pre-emptory challenge rights to remove all Black jurors from the trial of a Black man named Jay Shawn Johnson.

Lessons From The Jackson Case

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There is so much to write about this week but due to limited space o­ne has to choose. We have the Governor’s $80 million dollar special election, the United States Senate passing a resolution apologizing for not passing the anti-lynching bill, the City of San Bernardino putting forth a plan to beautify downtown, San Bernardino City Unified School District’s audit showing their failure in almost every area under the sun, the education community drawing a line in the sand against the Governor, the SCLC Summit in Riverside, the failing retirement fund scandal in the works, the Iraq War and, of course, the “Not Guilty” verdict cited by the jury in the Michael Jackson molestation case.

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