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Hardy L. Brown

Hurricane Katrina Uncovers the Good, Bad & Incompetent

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Katrina came ashore and did more than flood the Gulf Coast of the southern United States.  It washed away the dreams of millions of people.  It also uncovered the ugly horrors of man’s inhumanity toward man that Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke of and Jesus Christ before him.

Labor Day

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When you see the famous Black and White handshake used by the AFL/CIO you see it as a united force of working people who are together. For your information, that is not the way it started out or the way it is. Prior to the handshake there was a man named A. Philip Randolph who had to push the organized labor unions to accept Black workers.

Arnold You’ll be greeted by the voters in November

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“She’ll be coming around the mountain when she comes,” is o­ne of the fun songs I love to sing and taught it to our kids while riding in the car during many road trips. It’s the song kids learn while watching their favorite children’s programs or just as soon as they start pre-school, head start or kindergarten. The “she” in the song is sometimes substituted with “he.” That is what I’m going to do this time and say “he’ll be coming around the mountain...” o­ne of the lines I want to focus o­n is; “we will all go out to greet him when he comes.”

Riverside Community Can Come Together

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The recent drive-by shooting of a Nigerian visitor to the Riverside community is sending shockwaves throughout the community and has driven the Black and Hispanic communities together.

Two Thumbs Up for Larry Sharp and the Chamber’s Exc. Board

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The action taken by the Executive Board of the San Bernardino Chamber of Commerce reprimanding Judi Penman for a Conflict of Interest violation is to be commended.

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