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Hardy L. Brown

Bennett’s Genocidal Quest

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Former Secretary of Education, Bill Bennett, during his weekly radio address was discussing the issue of reducing crime in America. He agreed with the thesis put forth by the author of a book entitled "Freakonomics," that an increase in abortions has helped to reduce this country’s crime rate. And to take it a step further he went o­n to say that he “did know that it is true that if you wanted to reduce crime, you could, if that were your sole purpose, you could abort (kill) every Black baby in this country and your crime rate would go down.”

It is Political Season in San Bernardino City

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You can tell it’s political season in the city of San Bernardino from the campaign speeches and sparks flying at the city council meeting o­n September 19th.  It started because City Councilmember Rikke Van Johnson placed before the council a motion that was to require an investigation by the District Attorney Public Integrity Unit into City Attorney James Penman’s use of city resources for political purposes.

Police Associations Beware of Your Actions

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I will start this editorial by drawing from my experience as a former union member of the United Steel Workers of America (USWA) in Fontana at Kaiser Steel and for the International Brotherhood Electrical Worker (IBEW) at Southern California Edison in Rialto.

Rebuilding After the Big One

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In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, I became curious to know if any of our local businesses benefitted from the recovery and rebuilding process.

Hurricane Katrina Uncovers the Good, Bad & Incompetent

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Katrina came ashore and did more than flood the Gulf Coast of the southern United States.  It washed away the dreams of millions of people.  It also uncovered the ugly horrors of man’s inhumanity toward man that Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke of and Jesus Christ before him.

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