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Hardy L. Brown

Our Brother’s Keeper

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It is quite clear that crime is and has been running amuck in the city of San Bernardino and county for some time. We had the county board of supervisors censure each other and refrain from seeking office.

Happy Birthday and Thanksgiving to Dorothy Inghram

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Every Thanksgiving is special and this o­ne is doubly special for the St. Paul AME Church family and for Sister Dorothy Ella Inghram. Sister Inghram is celebrating her 100th birthday in the church her father and mother founded 101 years ago.

Report Needed on Riverside Police Department

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We are fast approaching the five year Consent Decree placed o­n the Riverside Police Department by the State of California Attorney General, Bill Lockyer after the shooting death of Tyisha Miller.

Election Overview

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The voters rejected all of the statewide propositions put before them in Tuesday’s special election.

Our Voting Ballot Recommendations

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November 8th is election day and I want to remind everyone to go out and vote o­n or before next Tuesday. If you need extra time to vote then request of your employer to let you off for a short time with pay to do so.

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