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Hardy L. Brown

Our Voting Ballot Recommendations

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November 8th is election day and I want to remind everyone to go out and vote o­n or before next Tuesday. If you need extra time to vote then request of your employer to let you off for a short time with pay to do so.

Remembering Rosa Parks’ Legacy

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I’m sure you have had people ask you the question, “does a tree make a noise when it falls in the forest and no o­ne is around to hear it fall?” Well, this week, October 24, 2005, a branch fell by the name of Rosa Parks and the world heard it hit the ground. o­n her way down to the ground she knocked off segregation and sparked a movement that is still going strong today.

Valles Supports Morris for Mayor

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The political race continues to heat up as San Bernardino Mayor Judith Valles throws her support behind Judge Pat Morris for Mayor of San Bernardino. Valles has stated earlier that she was not going to endorse a candidate; but since many distorted allegations are being bantered about she has changed her mind.

Election 2005

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Election Day is November 8th and it requires your full attention because we will be voting for persons seeking office and various propositions that will impact your way of living for years to come.

Bennett’s Genocidal Quest

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Former Secretary of Education, Bill Bennett, during his weekly radio address was discussing the issue of reducing crime in America. He agreed with the thesis put forth by the author of a book entitled "Freakonomics," that an increase in abortions has helped to reduce this country’s crime rate. And to take it a step further he went o­n to say that he “did know that it is true that if you wanted to reduce crime, you could, if that were your sole purpose, you could abort (kill) every Black baby in this country and your crime rate would go down.”

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