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Hardy L. Brown

Southern White Republican Leaders Are Still Fighting The Civil War

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It is a sad state of affairs that our southern congressional political officials are still fighting the Civil War 150 years after President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation that took effect on January 1, 1863. Many people know this but are afraid to say it openly about the actions taken by these officials who believe that “a Black man has no right that he has to respect even if he is president of the United States.”

They will not vote for a financial bill to keep the country from going over a fiscal cliff or provide relief by voting on the Sandy Hurricane Disaster Relief Bill even if it will hurt many White citizens in the process. That is why Congressman Eric Cantor of Virginia could not vote for the recent financial crisis bill approved by Congress.

Congress Member John Boehner (R) of Ohio and Speaker of the House is caught in the middle just as Ohio was during the 1800s when many in Ohio fought for slavery to be abolished but many in Cincinnati, just across the river in Kentucky wanted slavery. Boehner voted for the bill to help save the country from a financial crises knowing the president would get the credit but only seconds later he would pull a disaster bill (Sandy Hurricane Relief) that hurts the citizens of all races and political parties in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut just to please southern Republican elected officials.

When Boehner caught the anger of his Northern Republican colleagues and their threats to have campaign contributions withheld, and reminded them how many times they have sent money to help the south during disasters; Boehner said I will have everyone vote. Many southern Republican congressional representatives did not support the Sandy Disaster Relief Bill of $9 billion but Democrats voted to support our fellow citizens in this time of need.

As a teenager growing up in North Carolina under Mr. Jim Crow, Sr. I heard my parents talk about this type of deep seated racial hate taken by White local county commissioners. They would not vote to receive federal programs that would help the poor people in the county regardless of race; because it would help Blacks so their decision was no one would receive help.

I call this the “kill the baby mentality” just as in the biblical story found in Kings 3:5-14, where Solomon uses wisdom to decide who was the real mother of the baby. Remember Solomon said I will cut the baby in half and the real mother said no; give the baby to her but save the baby even if I cannot have him. Some congressional representatives say “kill Obama” is our objective and who cares if others get hurt in the process. They do not care about the country but are wrapped up in old time hate of African Americans and the fact they lost the war.

There are a lot of Republicans who do not like their political party obstructionist attitude but will not speak out against them for fear of retaliation. Like President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, “you have nothing to fear but fear it self.”

Where Do the Cities of the Inland Empire Go From Here in 2013?

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In 2012 the city of San Bernardino filed for financial protection in the federal bankruptcy court in Riverside and other cities in the Inland Empire are knocking at the door.

The City Council of Rialto will be asking the citizens to vote on raising the utility tax by eight percent to help shore up a budget deficit and the city might revisit seeking a petroleum tax next year.

The City of Fontana is reeling from a decrease in their revenues when the state took away its vehicle license fees while the cities of Grand Terrace and Colton are suffering from the loss of redevelopment funds.

In Riverside County, we have the newly created cities of Wildomar, Eastvale, Jurupa Valley and Menifee all evaluating the possibility of disincorporation because of funds taken away by the state. If they dissolve then the responsibility of governing will revert back to county government.

Then the question becomes where will the county get the dollars to provide the services to these citizens? All of the cities in the state are wrestling with the state’s realignment of prison overcrowding and according to preliminary reports from public safety organizations crime is on the rise. This has put an additional burden on local governments to find solutions as they continue to try to manage their own financial crises.

Within those cities the public education community will have to find solutions to better educate and bring all children’s Academic Performance Levels up to the standard 800 test score benchmark set by the state. Also they will have to reduce the high dropout rate while educating the students for the workforce.

Many employers have complained in the past that many students do not have the skill sets that make them employable. I would encourage all local business owners to have meetings with school board members to assist with curriculum development that will graduate students with employable skills.

So where does these civic leaders go and what should they do? I would suggest they reach out to all elected leaders and forge partnerships that will provide common services to their citizens. Services like public safety, libraries, transportation, parks, waste management should be explored for shared costs. Not all services can be shared but city governments should explore every savings until we are no longer teetering at the edge of fiscal cliffs. I say “cliffs” because the federal, state and some private corporations all have cliffs they are trying to avoid falling off. We are all aware of the financial issues our federal government is currently struggling to address. And closer to home, some private employers are laying people off or consolidating services.

Kaiser Permanente in Fontana has announced they are removing over 200 jobs in Fontana and taking them out of state.

In addition the retirement and pension plans of local governments must be evaluated for reasonable sustainability.

Exactly where we will go in 2013 will be determined by the elected representatives and citizens of each city working together in order for the Inland Empire to thrive.

Government of the People and by the People Trumps Gun Rights to Own Assault Weapons

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The right of an American citizen to bear arms is something that should not in any way be tampered with; however, what type of gun a citizens owns is another right for our collective government of the people, by the people to regulate. When you think of a citizen owning a rocket or grenade launcher under the banner of the second amendment right to bear arms for protection is something our society does not tolerate.

Over the past few years many conversations have taken place over this right to bear arms in the backdrop of several mass shootings and citizens being killed by guns each and every year. Now we find the conversation front and center once again after the mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

We have the National Rifle Association saying the solution is to put armed guards on every school campus in America. Now while this idea appeals to some in our society, it is rejected by others as an improper solution. What type of gun would the officer be allowed to carry is one question? Would it be a handheld side arm weapon or an assault rifle weapon like the one used by recent shooters? If not, then we will wind up with the officers being killed as well because shooters have access to body armor protection.

To all of those who believe that we should not have any regulations should probably be shown the pictures of the victim’s bodies. In the movie “A Time to Kill” starring Matthew McConaughey, Sandra Bullock, and Samuel Jackson, McConaughey, played the role of a defense attorney who had an all-White jury close their eyes as he described a young 11-year-old girl being raped by adults while pouring beer over her body. He went into the gory details of her pain and then told the jury, imagine that she was White. The jury members cried because they could identify with that girl being one of their children, so at that point Jackson was justified in killing a White man.

It is too bad that we cannot seek rational decisions some times unless it hits us on a personal level. I listened to some of the first responders on the scene at Sandy Hook Elementary School and saw the carnage and bodies of little children with two or more bullet holes in them say they never want to see anything like it.

One reason the American public does not see coffins arrive in America during war is the public will not stomach war too long when they can see the personal damage so clearly.

I think every elected official in Congress should be made to review the coroners report or the pictures of what that assault gun did to those killed. I think NRA leaders would also have a change in perspective if they took a look at the affect of those guns on human bodies especially children.

I also do not see where the average citizen should have firepower greater than that of a peace officer. Federal law should ban all assault or machine guns from personal use and buy back all of them that have been sold to private owners. All legal automatic weapons should be limited to five or six rounds at a time. We must take action on these handheld killing machines period.

Putting armed guards in all schools is not the answer; otherwise, we would need to put them at every public place in America where people congregate. Ultimately it is up to our elected representatives in Congress, so let them know how you feel on this issue.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and get ready for a Happy New Year.

When Good Citizens Do Nothing Only Then Can Evil Triumph

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Last Friday was a senseless killing of 26 innocent citizens in Newtown, Connecticut with twenty of them being children. This took place within a span of 10 minutes by a 20-year-old male with mental problems. They say he had enough ammunition for his automatic long 223 Bushmaster assault rifle and two-semi automatic glock handguns enough to kill all six hundred people at the school. These guns were legally purchased by his mother who he killed with four shots to the head before going to Sandy Hook Elementary school and shooting his way into the building and doing this evil deed.

What he left behind is for the living to try and understand. As the police try and put together the pieces and loved ones try and get a grip on their loss, we all pray that God gives us the strength to go on. We try and find solace in the scriptures of our faith as we turn to each other and religious leaders for comfort.

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Whenever thing happens in my life that I can’t find a rational answer, I turn to Romans 8:28 NIV; “And we know that God causes every thing to work together for good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.” It is a hard scripture to swallow or get your mind around but I have comfort in it and try to move on with adjustments in my faith as I go; believing and knowing that he did not bring me this far to leave me.

As I make adjustments in my own thinking about this incident, I know that “a change is going to come” in this country about how we fund and support the gun industry and how we look and treat our citizens with mental disorders.

On the funding side, our California Teachers Association (CTA) is reevaluating their $461 million investment into the company that makes the 223-Bushmaster assault rifle used to kill teachers and students at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut. It is reported that this amounts to one-sixth of all investors of Freedom Group the maker of the gun. I wonder how many other non-violent groups help fund companies whose only purpose is to kill and destroy.

A change has begun to take hold because people who were opposed to any changes in gun laws have said everything must be on the table for discussion because of children being slaughtered. President Obama, spoke about “all” children when he included children in suburban, rural and urban cities that are dying at a rate of 32 per day by guns but receive no media coverage. He has asked Vice President Biden, a longtime gun control advocate to spearhead an administration-wide effort to curb gun violence.

Even with this national slaughter of innocent lives we still have some who say guns do not kill but it’s people who pull the trigger. There is a popular television show on the western channel called “Dead Man’s Gun” and who ever gets this gun in their hands it transforms non-killers into mighty killers by empowerment of their nerves. It removes the fear of death that grips many of those from its contact. This is what happens to everyday people and especially those with mental disorders.

It is a recipe for evil things to happen when guns meet a person without the ability to reason in a normal way. It is even to powerful at times for highly trained officers. I have often written about police officers who use excessive force, thirty and forty shots when apprehending suspects that are unarmed, sometimes in the performance of their duty. Recently, we had a man with a known mental disability killed at the local university. I bring that up because of the mental disability issue.

It was when Governor Ronald Reagan closed down all of California’s mental institutions and let people self-medicate that this issue became a problem with the public. Now we have many families having to deal with a family member instead of having places that are trained to interact with a person who suffers from a mental disorder. Most normal people have trouble remembering to take their medicine on time and we expect others to take theirs. Who are we fooling?

We need to do what ever we can to keep guns out of the hands of those who want to kill, which is impossible. So if that is impossible we should remove the kinds of guns that cause so much damage in a short period of time, thus saving some lives.

One thing is for sure if Good Citizens sit back and do nothing the slaughtering of innocent lives will only escalate and evil will win.

Congress Inspire Us Instead of Falling Over The Cliff

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This past summer many Americans and people around the world watched in amazement as Nikolas “Nik” Wallenda fulfilled a life long dream by walking across Niagara Falls on a thin cable wire. We watched in excitement and expectation of what if he falls while hoping and praying that he would make it and spare us the fear that comes with him not succeeding. How was he going to navigate the heavy water mist that comes up from all that water falling over the cliff? How will he maintain his focus and not be distracted from people talking into his ear of his progress? I’ve been and seen Niagara Falls and it is beautiful and frightening at the same time. Well Nik’s dream came true and he did make it and when asked by Canadian authorities at the end of the walk, “why did you do it?” He responded, “To inspire people around the world.”

Why doesn’t congress inspire us and people around the world by agreeing to carry out the dreams of so many of us by reaching a deal before Christmas with President Obama and avoid sending us over a financial cliff.

First we have less than two percent of the population that would see their taxes go up and over sixty percent of the population hoping and praying for that to happen. Over fifty percent of us voted for the President in the election because he said that is what he would do and we want him to do it. So why not pass that tax hike on the rich, those making over $250,000 a year. So congress inspire us and make a deal.

Next we have the federal payroll tax that will go up if a deal is not reached. This tax will impact every employee in the country and will remove money out of the economy and will further bog down our slow recovery. Fifty seven percent of the population wants this tax extended, plus so many low hourly wage earners will feel it the worst and they have been hit the hardest during this recession. The Inland Empire communities cannot afford to have this payroll tax increase. With our double-digit unemployment in the area we need the few employees that are working to have money to spend. It’s these workers that pay local sales tax that goes into the cities general fund budgets to provide vital services to their citizens. Our cities are teetering on bankruptcy while some have already filed for financial protection under the courts. So congress inspire us and make a deal.

Now part of the hang up is what to cut from the budget of the federal government. They talk about social security and Medicare being placed on the table to be chopped up like butcher’s meat. When I was working during my employment years I paid into each system through payroll tax so it is not the government giving us seniors a darn thing, we earned it the old fashion way. We worked for it. When I became eligible for retirement, I was hoping it would not be tinkered with by a bunch of politicians who can afford their own retirement. So congress inspire us and make a deal.

For me, this is not an issue you toss around in Washington like a football making senior citizens upset. This only adds to our other anxieties and uncertainties while in our golden years. Over the past several years many seniors have had to forego food in order to pay for medicine to keep them alive when congress put the drug companies in charge of cost control. Some lost their retirement income (401K) by congress allowing Wall Street to take risky investments without over sight. When the housing value took a nosedive, like a tightrope walker falling off the wire, seniors lost money and some lost their dream home. Many are still recovering from congress not doing their job to govern and protect its citizens. Now you want to drive us off another cliff. Inspire us by raising the taxes of those fortunate enough to earn over $250,000 a year, extend the payroll tax, extend the unemployment benefits many of us paid into but never used thank God but our neighbors need.

Why don’t you representatives of the people take off your political party hats and put on your citizenship uniform and divert all the other chatter out of your head and do the right thing and inspire us. You and the rich have a safety net under you but 98% of the population does not. Inspire us by acting as responsible citizens that represent us.

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