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Hardy L. Brown

My Thoughts on Immigration Reform

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Many people are some what baffled that in the Black community they cannot find 100% agreement to grant rights to illegal immigrants who are now seeking rights in our good old USA. As a matter of fact Blacks are not happy over any immigrants coming to America, legal or illegal, only to have them look down or show disrespect for us as a race of people who built this country. We see our current immigration policy that accommodates every nation except those from the continent of Africa, Haiti or other countries where black is the color of their skin.

Now while we do not engage in any activities to deny anyone entrance on U. S. soil we want to help educate the incoming people of our history, contributions, struggles, treatment and false image that have been generated about us so we can all get along as neighbors. I say that because former president Vicente Fox of Mexico said his people were “working on jobs those Blacks did not want”, implying we were lazy, which generated a lot of resentment. Before them it was the entire European block nations that helped paint a negative image abroad about African Americans to the world so when they got here they segregated themselves from us once established.

I see some of the same kind of attitudes being displayed by some Hispanics in the for instance the Latino Political Caucus lead by Gil Navarro. He is frustrated because he, a Mexican American, cannot get elected over Wilma Amina Carter, an African American, in a district where Hispanics make over 50% of the district. His main goal is to take over and isolate the Black community by any means possible including giving non citizens the right to vote and carte blanc on all services. Someone forgot to tell Gil and his cohorts that when you seek public office you have to offer the people more than racial ideas.

Before anyone draws the wrong conclusion, I am in favor of a full comprehensive overhaul of our immigration policy because the one we have operated under for the past many decades is not favorable to people of color.

I am against the piece meal approached like the one in Arizona because that is how we wound up with the Black Codes and legalized Jim Crow laws from 1865 to 1965 also known as the “Separate but Equal” way of life for Blacks in America.

Some of the reasons Blacks feel the way we do is when we arrived on the first ship back in 1502 there was no Statue of Liberty greeting us with open arms. Instead we were put on slave auction blocks to be paraded to the highest bidder as property with no clothes on our bodies. We had no invitation sent to us by eager cousins telling us about the land of opportunity or the American Dream. The American Dream that we built, for others to now enjoy, has been a nightmare for us forover 571 years. We were not given any money by the King or Queen to explore this new world. We were not released from prison to help make room for the population left behind. We had no food famine in our country as a reason to seek this new land. Once here we were forbidden to speak in our native language while it was against the law to be taught how to read and write English. We did not cross any international legal border lines to get here. When our children were born here they were sold with no citizenship rights. We worked for free for 274 years before America became the United States of America and after 1776 we worked another 87 years (1863) as 3/5 a person as slaves. Once Emancipated we were not given any compensation for our free labor and we spent another 100 years, until 1965, under legalized Jim Crow laws as sharecroppers into which I was born.

After all of that has happened to us, when we got citizenship rights we did not bunch together to keep anyone else outof our neighborhood with discriminatory housing covenants.

We have never put language requirements on a job to keep others from having an opportunity for employment. We have never recruited just family members or signed grandfather clause agreements to ensure our family members or race a job.

We have never formed Black only terrorist organizations tohang, kill or intimidate citizens of another race. We have never sought a law that was not inclusive of our fellow citizens including the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which included women.

We have fought in every war from the American Revolution against the British, on both sides of the civil war to Iraq and Afghanistan. We pay taxes that everyone including other nations have received greater portions than us. Yet when we seek equal access at the public trough funds where fairness is supposed to be the rule, we are told to wait. When we speak out on any issue other than civil rights we are told it is not our business.

Now we have before us 12 million people who are in this country by illegal and some legal means that have expired that we are trying to figure out what to do with. Some want to become citizens while others just want to earn a decent living for their families back home. Some want to get an education and go back home to improve their standard of living.

Whatever the reason we need to find a humane and decent way of doing it so “we can all get along”.

I have reviewed the Obama Administration’s proposed idea and even though I do not agree with every aspect of it, it is a good place for us to start. Securing all borders South and North is critical if Homeland Security is a stated priority. In my mind you cannot close the border of Mexico and then leave Canada wide open. We cannot give Cubans who touch USA land rights then lock up Haitians and ship them back home.

We cannot treat illegals from Mexico or other Latin countries as criminals without treating the U. S. corporations or government agencies who hire them as criminals as well.

We must expect them to learn, speak and write English. This is one of the rubbing points of so many Americans with the language issue. In some cases now employers offer some jobs to only those who speak Spanish. In some cases union positions are posted with that requirement which denies Blacks from even applying. We should also make sure we train our citizens, Blacks in particular, for positions we now recruit from other countries.

We have to penalize the law breakers and then offer some kind of way for them to become citizens after those who are currently applying. The big questions to work out are what status will illegal immigrants have before they become legal citizens? What rights will or should they enjoy until legal?

AB 1998 is Bad Legislation

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There is a bill working its way through the California legislature known as AB 1998 which if passed will ban the use of plastic bags to carry your groceries home from the supermarket. Instead, shoppers must buy reusable bags or buy paper bags for 5 cents from the grocer.

I'm sure the paper bags will require double bagging so we're now talking 10 cents extra per bag of groceries.

To me this isn't just another "save the planet do gooder" idea, it's another attempt by an industry to charge us more for something that should be innate to the service they provide...like the airlines now charging for checked luggage knowing that because you are taking a trip you have to take SOMETHING with you.

What's next, charging us to use the shopping carts when we shop?

This legislation also doesn't take into account the poor and those on fixed incomes who cannot afford additional expenses for necessities. Those using public transportation have a difficult time carrying paper bags on buses or trains.

They are also difficult to carry in rain or windy weather. Also plastic bags find multiple uses in our households once we get home.

I'm an advocate for reusable bags, however I understand that they have some risks. Reusable bags can carry bacteria and could contaminate your food if for instance poorly wrapped meat leaks on one shopping trip and then you use the same bag for fruits and vegetables the next shopping trip. They just aren't for everyone and it's ridiculous that our legislators are trying to mandate it. In my opinion they have more more important business to attend to, like focusing on the state's budget crisis, the poor rankings of our schools, the high unemployment rate in our state, and the list goes on....

I could list other reasons against this "noble" idea that in reality is not workable for many of us and should be defeated.

Blacks See Police Abuse & Justice Differently than Whites

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If the shooting and killing of Oscar Grant by a White police officer of the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Agency while he was laying face down with his hand on his back was not enough for police abuse, I wasn't surprised that an all- White jury only found him guilty of involuntary manslaughter. In other words, the officer was not guilty of murder even though Grant did not pose a threat to him. The officer said he was intending to pull his taser gun to subdue Grant, however other officers were holding Grant down at the time.

It is this kind of so-called accidental shooting or beating by White police officers of Blacks that reaffirms my belief that the way Blacks and Whites see police abuse and justice in America is different. We take the same evidence as presented and draw different conclusions over and over again.

There are many to draw from but let me remind you of a few: the O.J. Simpson verdict was seen differently by Blacks and Whites in America. In the Simpson case, Whites were mad at the jury for acquitting him even though the evidence was circumstantial and some police officers committed perjury. There were 9 Blacks, 2 Whites and 1 Hispanic on his criminal trial that found O.J. not guilty. Yet on his civil trial, it was made up of 9 Whites, 1 Hispanic, 1 Black and 1 mixed of Asian and Jamaican heritage, where they found O.J. guilty using the same circumstantial evidence. Many Blacks say now that O.J. is locked up in Las Vegas, Whites are satisfied.

We also witnessed the video of the Rodney King being beaten by four White police officers and we came to a different conclusion on what happened. Some of then-Mayor, Tom Bradley’s friends got mad at him for saying our eyes have seen the video and it is clear to us that abuse was evident. The officers were brought to trial and charged with using excessive force. The trial was moved to Simi Valley in predominantly White Ventura County where a jury of 10 Whites, 1 Hispanic and 1 Asian acquitted the officers of any wrong doing. A riot broke out afterwards in Los Angeles which resulted in 53 dead, 2,383 injured, 7,000 fires and $1 billion dollars in damage. Rodney put a stop to much of the violence with his now famous “Can we all get along” statement.

The horrific police shooting and killing of Tyisha Miller by four White police officers, this was also seen differently by Whites in Riverside than the Black community. Even when the District Attorney released diagrams of the shooting; showing that Tyisha was shot 12 times in the back while sitting unconscious in a locked car in a well lit parking lot at a service station, whites believed it was a justified shooting.

Russ Leach was hired as chief of the police department to bring trust and peace to the community after this incident. Progress between law enforcement and the community has moved gingerly together until recently. I say recently because the chief was caught driving under the influence and the department tried to sweep it under the rug. The way police officers and elected officials gave Leach special treatment has reopened wounds of mistrust from Blacks and Latinos in the community. It clearly demonstrates that Whites are treated differently than Blacks and Hispanics in our legal system.

In 1996, a movie called A Time to Kill was made starring Matthew McConaughey, Samuel Jackson and Sandra Bullock about a Black man who was on trial for killing two White men for raping his 10 year old daughter. Jackson was defended by McConaughey and Bullock. McConaughey realizing he was losing the case instructed the all-White jury to close their eyes as he walked them through this brutal act of two beer drinking men having their way with this little innocent girl. His last statement to them as he described this act was imagine that this girl was White. It was at that moment that the jury saw they would have killed the two men if it was their daughter. It brought tears into the eyes of many on the jury as McConaughey was bringing his summation to a close. They ruled that Jackson was not guilty of this violent act he committed. I know it was a movie but the lesson in it was people had to take a look at putting themselves in a Black father’s position of protecting his little girl.

During all of these abuse incidents and trials, people come together seeking ways to close the division between our law enforcement system: police, district attorney’s office, and court system and then we are once again reminded of this division when another police abuse incident happens.

There is still mistrust between people of color and the police department in every community throughout America because we see police abuse and justice differently than Whites.

Jerry Louder a Peacemaker

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Matthew 5:10 Blessed are the peacemakers for they are called the sons of God

When I got the news Sunday of Reverend Jerry Louder’s passing, I thought there goes a peacemaker. Ever since I have known Rev. Louder he has been a servant of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ always smiling, with words of encouragement and seeking to bring people together. Author Howard Clarke interprets the peacemaker verse in Matthew 5:10 as those who calm disputes in a community. Some other writers have interpreted peacemaker to mean if it takes doing violence to end a conflict then that is keeping the peace.

I like Jerry’s kind of peacemaking because when it is done there is no resentment left or conflicts to keep growing. Most people do not like peacemakers because it is not macho or confrontational but in the eyes of God, He calls them Sons of God according to the scriptures. Not bad to have peacemaker as your tag line.

I recall during the height of the police shooting and killing of Tyisha Miller, Jerry was always seeking to bring people together. He would meet with the clergy of all denominations to present his views of getting the people together. He would meet with the elected leaders to convince them to meet and seek common ground where others felt no common ground existed. His actions reminded me of Jesus standing between the stoners and the woman who had sinned. Jerry knew the Tyisha Miller Steering Committee had legitimate grievances against the police department from past treatment and that there were also good police officers in the department. He also knew that the elected officials wanted to find a solution to end the conflict but the trick was how to do that without looking like they threw the entire police department under the bus. Jerry pressed forward with his smile and jovial demeanor for the entire year without giving up on seeking peace for the community he loved.

As a husband he was faithful, loyal and very proud of his children and wife Phalia. Not many people could organize a large event in a short period of time and have a professional performer on the program like Phalia. You have to be a peacemaker in the home because she always enjoyed making him look good at all of their events. He was an example to all of us of what a marriage relationship should be.

The last time I spoke with Jerry, last year at the Riverside Convention Center, he was talking about his struggle with cancer. He had just gotten up from his sick bed and was on his way back the next day for chemo treatment.

We shared our faith in God and the power of Jesus to see us through these obstacles in life, while telling me of the other events he was planning. I liked that about Jerry, he never took the “pity on self road” that so many people go down when faced with his situation.

His smiling face and his voice has been silenced from us but his legacy of seeking peace in community conflicts will forever be remembered by every one who knew him.

Black Unemployment Rate a National Disgrace

Congress took a recess from working and failed to extend the unemployment benefits for the unemployed. This is the only income millions of Americans have coming into their house to put food on the table. It is bad news for this group with a national rate of 9.4% of unemployed people, but for Blacks it is 14.4% unemployed with no let up in sight. Michigan has the highest unemployment rate for Blacks at 22.5% and in California Black unemployment is at 15.3%. Now if 9.0% is called a recession what do you call it at 15.0% and holding? I call it a “National Disgrace.”

Congress should be ashamed to collect their $174,000 salary that these same unemployed people helped by paying taxes when they were working. The leadership of congress gets $193,000 per year no wonder they want to stay elected.

Rev. Marvin Yancy sings a song on Men of Gospel CD called “Heavy Load” with words that, God is going to lighting up the heavy load we are carrying; until He comes He is expecting our so-called Christian government leaders to pick up the slack by doing the right thing until He comes. The Black community has been carrying a heavy load for a long time. President Obama should issue an Executive Order to extend the unemployment benefits and let congress deal with it when they get back.

Loose Lips Sunk McChrystal's Ship

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This past Sunday Rev. Larry Campbell, pastor of St. Paul AME Church of San Bernardino preached from the book of James chapter 3 about our untamed tongue. He used as a subject “Loose Lips Sink Ships.” And of course one of his examples was General Stanley McChrystal who was relieved of his duty by President Barack Obama. While neither the scripture nor Pastor Campbell went into detail on why we do what we do, the tongue does do that to us from time to time. In the case of McChrystal, according to to published reports he and his staff were contacted by a writer of an article for corrections on the article before printing.

So it is clear to me that what McChrystal said about President Obama not being prepared or uneasy in the presence of military brass is truthful to the general.

I have listened to television and radio commentators talk about the incident trying to make sense of why McChrystal did or would do such a thing. Some agree, while others disagree with the general as well as him resigning or being fired. None of these commentators are Black which of course leaves me to draw my own conclusion as to why McChrystal said what he said and others scratching their heads as to why an intelligent and trained military man would do such a thing.

Verse 10 of James 3, gives us a clue as to the capabilities of the tongue with regards to praise and cursing from the same mouth. We as people are not like plants where if you plant a fig tree you will get figs. Paul in Romans 7:21, also gives us another way to look at humans when he wrote “when I want to do good, evil is always present.” We as a people want to do what is right but sometimes wrong wins and based on historical data of white and Black relations in America, evil won out.

General Stanley McChrystal’s action is rooted in a deeply held belief by many in America that a Black man has no rights or authority that they have to live by or take orders from, even as president of the United States. That was how seven of the nine members of the United States Supreme Court ruled in the Dred Scott v. Sandford case back in 1857. We still have many people who think that way today and McChrystal has not had to confront his deeply held position until he came face to face with Obama handing out the orders. There are many people in America like McChrystal and that is why the commentators are having a hard time trying to figure out why McChrystal would mess up his career over a stupid comment. Many people have had to come face to face with that situation not only in the military but in corporate America when the supervisor is of color.

McChrystal has studied the history of the military and he knows how Blacks were treated, first with not allowing us to carry guns and then not having White soldiers under the command of Black officers. I am sure he was taught at West Point how to follow orders especially from the Commander In Chief. But, like most people when you think you are in a safe zone with others who think like you, you will do and say what you really think. Even the reporter who wrote the story thought he had better let them review this before it goes to print. I’m sure the reporter was thinking I want to make sure I write what they said and capture the true meaning of what was said. By this time McChrystal was thinking the public would say I am right and join with me in belittling President Obama, after all he is a Black man who happened to get elected president.

But just like back in 1857 with the Dred Scott decision some people (believe it or not Republicans) were outraged and elected President Lincoln and he signed the “Emancipation Proclamation” that abolished slavery in America in 1863. That single act also gave birth to the KLAN and some racist politicians in the south joined the Democratic Party. These racially motivated politicians did not change political parties until President Johnson signed the 1964 Civil Rights Act Bill. Then the racially motivated Southern Democrats rejoined the Republican Party where they reside today. It is safe to say that McChrystal was banking on them to join with him since they are pro military with a cowboy maverick mentality. However, since the story was done in public, in writing, for the world to see they could not stand behind him and lose our form of government. If they were to support him we would no longer have a civilian Commander in Chief but military controlled government.

So back to the pastor’s message that “Loose Lips Sink Ships” it is also true that what is in you will come out when confronted with the right circumstances. It is equally true that loose lips will not only sink ships but will also get you fired by the president of the United States.


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