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A Place Where Mature Christian Singles Meet but Gentlemen are Few

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While Christian Internet dating sites are popular and a blessing for many, many more have found it to be fraught with curses. One of the risks with Internet dating is investing weeks and sometimes months in corresponding with someone only to discover their obedience to Christian tenets is not only fowl but non-existent. Christians seeking Christians Internet sites are sprinkled, as in other walks of life, with con artists. There are tens of thousands of untold stories of men and women being ripped off in major proportions. These stories remain untold because most victims do even realize they have been ripped off because of the cleverness of the con games and secondly because they are too embarrassed and/or accept it as God’s wrath for their involvement in the first place. The best way to meet someone is in a safe friendly environment with sober and aware men and women looking out for each other and where it’s not about seeking someone to sponge off or sleep with.

A couple of months ago, I was invited to a monthly Christian social gathering in Rancho Cucamonga. Actually it was a Christian dating ministry. Ethel Martin-Miller the president of the club felt God wanted her to put single mature Christians together. This was ideal for me because I enjoy meeting women just for fun without dating right away. A nice social atmosphere where there are no alcoholic beverages and everyone is over forty years old and no vulgar modern music is playing is my kind of place. The elegant black-owned establishment called The Hourglass Art and Wine Gallery was in a nice area of Rancho with plenty of parking. There was laughter galore and parlor games plus tasty snack food. The only challenge to this club becoming a blessing to singles is more mature Christian men should feel moved by God to check it out. As it was, I was one of six other men to three or four times that many women. Perhaps Ethel is on to something. God does work in mysterious ways and I’m sure he wants his seniors to be evenly yoked in their sunset years. Life is too valuable to waste.

However, one of the drawbacks for non-Christian and Christian men alike to Christian orientated social clubs, is that the women are likely to act more holy than they really are. I had a conversation with one woman that every other one of her sentences ended with “Praise God,” or “Bless his name.” My only interest in this woman soon became if she would perform by grandchild’s baptism or at least lay hands on me and pray that I am blessed with another woman with normal social skills to chat with. Besides meeting the overboard Christian women, men are afraid of meeting phony Christian women who are loose and wild and full of the devil on the inside but wears her polished halo on the outside. Nevertheless, mature men with godly discernment can separate the wheat from the chaff long before the end of the evening.

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