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Don't Allow Your Ex To Diminish Your Mojo: Part 2 of 2

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Three years ago in February 2009, I first wrote in The Black Voice News about my marital breakup and pending divorce. Well, just this February 2012 my divorce became final. Whew! A big emotional stigma was broken. However, as I have done for over twenty-five years, I planned to write about my experience. In writing, I often find viable healthy solutions or at least psychological relief. In addition, I discovered that exercise also relieves stress and rejuvenates the body and soul; therefore, I joined a gym a two years ago. As a gym member, I became acquainted with several other male members in my over 50 age group. We see each other often and a few of us workout, go for walks, and sometime lunch together.

During these new friendships, male bonding and open discussions, I discovered that many men, as myself, lost their Mojo (in this case sexual prowess) while in a troubled marriage and turned to Viagra (or some other sexual aid) for a quick fix only to discover that putting Viagra on damaged ego and emotions was like putting a band-aid on a crazy man’s forehead to cure insanity. Viagra proved to have a low percentage rate of success, according to three of my experienced gym buddies, when the Mojo problem was in the head and not the bed.age group. We see each other often and a few of us workout, go for walks, and sometime lunch together.

My friends and I discovered that gradually impotence went away and was replaced by a healthy prowess once out of the emotionally draining relationship. Two fellows agreed their physical health improved with their break-up. They said that after being out of the house a few weeks, they begin to discover that they not only slept through the night without getting up eight to ten times to urinate but begin to experience less back pain and memory loss. Wow that was amazing because I had experienced the same things. When I went to my doctor for my semi-annual check-up, I further discovered that my blood pressure was down to normal and my PSA (prostate cancer screening test) was normal after being high for the past few years. One of the other guys experienced the same thing during his physical check-up and PSA screening. When I told the doctors about my marital break-up he expressed no surprise because, according to him, some men’s and sexual stamina improves after heavy emotional burdens are lifted. age group. We see each other often and a few of us workout, go for walks, and sometime lunch together.

Since that time, I have met several divorced or separated older men who were previously longtime Viagra users. In almost all of the cases, these men’s Mojo improved after the pressure and strain of a bad relationship was removed. Some of the men said that they felt disrespected and/or unloved in their former relationships. Others felt pressured to perform;therefore, the anxiety was too high for satisfying physical intimacy.There are many means by which a man can lose his Mojo. It seems to have little or nothing to do with the way the level of the woman’s physical attractiveness. My buddies and I are considering collaborating on a book entitled, “Forget the Viagra and Find Another Woman,” or “My Mojo was Not Dead - Just Choosey,” however the search for a good title is still on the table.

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