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Waiting on an Omnipresent Lord is an Oxymoron: Part 2 of 2

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Whenever we are faced with a tough decision, we should not be hasty. It’s only good sense to calculate your options and not continuously repeat the same mistakes. It seems to me that the good advice to wait on the Lord becomes counterproductive if you have the knowledge that the Lord is already with you. Until you recognize that the Lord is with you even until the end of the world, as spoken in Matt 28:20, then waiting is an act of faith and trust.

However after you understand that the Lord is with you it shows a lack of faith and trust to continue to wait. For example: If you were waiting on a taxi and the taxi driver arrived and knocked at your door - your wait is over. The problem is that people can physically see the taxi driver, even reach out and touch him, but they must have faith to know, see, and feel the presence of the Lord; however, the Lord has arrived in the life of those who believe in him. What’s all this perpetual waiting about? Every time I turn around, I hear some preacher and holy writer telling folks to wait on the Lord. Many are standing still because they don’t know how to handle any given situation. It’s good to give all matters some consideration before making a decision and acting on it but that’s not a case when it comes to waiting on the Lord. That’s merely a case of not being able to make up your mind.

All believers have the Word of God to help make up their minds in serious matters. God gave us his Word in the form of the Bible. We don’t have to wait. Jesus said in his word that he dwells inside of us. He will not leave us comfortless. Read John 14:16-27. Therefore, I say give some serious thought about claiming to be waiting on the Lord. Perhaps you should instead read the Bible and pray for guidance and understanding. He left you his word and you have read his word, which is the Bible. In which case, you already have the Lord because he dwells within you. Who and what are you waiting on? The Lord is omnipotent, which means almighty. He is omniscient, which means all knowing, and he is omnipresence, which means he is everywhere.

Waiting on an omnipresence Lord is an oxymoron. There are many, perhaps millions, of Christians who do not realize that they already have the Lord that they are waiting for.

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