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Asking Men Why They Cheat is Like Asking Cats Why They Jump the Fence: Part 2 of 2

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The infidelity problem among men stems from his lack of proper preparation for manhood and fatherhood as a lad. Males must be taught to master their lustful impulses. Sexual attraction is a natural impulse but to repeatedly yield to the temptation is a sign of weakness and not maturity, manhood, or strength.

The weaker the mind of any given species, the more difficult it is to teach or train that particular species. Cats, for instance, are difficult to train or control. I recall a time when wandering cats used to freely walk through my backyard and the yards of neighbors. One of my angry and frustrated neighbors set poison out to kill the cats. However, I called the Humane Society for advice on how to keep roaming cats out of my yard. I was told that if one of those cats were harmed there would be legal penalties because cats are a state protected animal due to the fact that felines are a free roaming animal and cannot be fenced in. It is a cat’s instinct to roam. However, the Humane Society had cat traps for rent that would help me catch the cats, and if I were successful they would haul them away.

The male species is much like cats. A cat can’t explain why it likes to roam or jump the fence and neither can most men explain why they have a problem with monogamy. It’s the male natural instinct to roam, practice polygamy, and mate with many females unless deprogrammed and reprogrammed otherwise. The fact is, the female also continues to operate by her natural instinct unless taught otherwise. She attracts the male species for mating. Even though she may be married and does not intend infidelity, she still seeks male attention beyond that of her husband or boyfriend with her perfumes laced with animal pheromone, provocative clothing, exposing too much skin, etc. Some females tone down their attraction to other men after marriage but most don’t even realize a form of passive cheating is under construction. It is her marital duty not to intentionally attract other men as it is her husband’s duty not to yield to the attraction of other women. You see, the woman is cheating’ by her passive-aggressive flirting ways as the man is ‘cheating’ by his blatant ways. They’re both acting out their natural instincts. That’s why in some cultures the women are fully covered from head to toe and only their eyes are showing, which I am not advocating.

Men can best be taught by other men who have mastered the art of self-control. Not by men, even if they are religious men, who still are struggling with mundane issues such as yielding to their lustful urges. You don’t have to be perfect to do the right thing or keep your commitment to marriage. The art of self-control is mature manhood. Human beings don’t have to be perfect to resist temptation. However, without proper guidance humans are an undomesticated species and will behave as any species in the wild - by instinct. As in cats - you cannot make an undomesticated cat forsake its instinct just because you’re kind to it or throw rocks at it. The clash between the sexes comes to the surface when the female does her due ‘animal instinct’ diligence and attracts the male but then expects him to forsake his animal instinct and behave in a cultured monogamous domesticated manner - because she loves him. These lessons do not come naturally just as table manners, and other good social skills do not come naturally.

Training men to be monogamous and practice a one-woman policy must be learned by a strong desire to rise above common behavior. A roaming man is not necessarily a bad man - just a man who lacks self-control and is a slave to his natural instincts just as babies are not in control of their bedwetting. However, as babies mature, the bedwetting stops. As men mentally mature infidelity stops although their natural urge may always exist.

The uncontrolled nature of men ruins marriages and shatters families. Many of these men who are out of control actually love their wives but are led by the flesh. The three things that will reduce the infidelity of men are (1) love of his spouse, (2) control over his flesh, and (3) a godly compass in his spirit. Galatians 5:17 For the sinful nature desires what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the sinful nature. They are in conflict with each other, so that you do not do what you want and know you should.

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-1 # faith0680 2013-01-08 06:21
I would like to know how you teach boys/males to master their lustful impulses. Do you instill a sense of morality in them? I have a son now and I want him to grow to be a faithful man and to be confident in manhood in his mind, body, and soul. His father has characteristics of a "cat" and I want my son to walk a different path.

Thank you

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