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There's a Thin Line Between Being Available and Being Eligible: Part 2 of 2

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There are many areas of dating that makes an available person eligible or ineligible such as habits, credit, logic, moral values, and being a giver or moocher though he or she might be available. Poor logic, versus sound and reasonable logic, is a big concern for most people because whenever an individual introduces a mate, spouse, or quasi-family member into their family unit the mentality of that individual would have an impact, positively or negatively, on the present or future family. Imagine the impact on the future generation of your family if you introduce a loser or a winner in your life. Therefore, it’s wise to bring wisdom and/or intelligence to the family and counterproductive to bring an unreasonable, unproductive, insane, and/or immoral person into your interpersonal circle of life.

Many available people are not eligible and vice versa. A single person available for a long term relationship or marriage should not be considered eligible unless the person desires such a relationship. If one single person enjoys the company of children and family being around and the other person prefers solitude and privacy at home then such a couple is ineligible for a quality relationship together.

Another conflict between available and eligible is for the married person who has been living as a single person for years. Take for instance a woman who was abandoned by her husband 15 years ago. The runaway husband currently lives in another state or country and has no intentions of returning to his wife. Neither of them can afford a legal divorce and therefore each are living the single life. Now here’s the mind boggler and an opportunity to discern what is right under the circumstances. Suppose the woman wants to join a singles Christian club for the purpose of networking and meeting a new romantic possibility. Should the members of this Christian based club where the main requirement is to be single keep this woman out who is only seeking happiness? Is she available and/or eligible? Should she be considered a married woman and therefore ineligible to be a member?

Personally, I think most men, even Christian men, would not have a problem dating such a woman. Although I can’t speak for God I can look at some of Jesus’ examples. He often went out of his way to show kindness and compassion to those who were ostracized by in-compassionate religious laws. In such a case, as the abandoned woman who is merely seeking companionship, love, and happiness, and can’t afford a divorce, I would say that a religious zealot of a doorkeeper to the club has the right to refuse her membership but a compassionate doorkeeper would admit the woman. Such a woman would be available for social activities but ineligible for marriage and as long as the truth is known I would hope the true Christians of the group would not have a problem with it. I’m just saying.

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