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There's a Thin Line Between Being Available and Being Eligible: Part 1 of 2

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Who is available? Who is eligible? Being available but not eligible occurs in many instances, in my perspective. For example, when my cousin wanted to enlist in the Navy, he was available but not eligible because of a health condition. And years ago, when I walked into an automobile dealer to purchase a car on credit, I was available for a car; however, my eligibility was determined by my credit report. When it comes to selecting a mate or even a date; another standard of availability and eligibility is applied. Not every available man or woman, meaning not married, is eligible based on your personal expectations. An available man quickly becomes an unavailable man, for all practical purposes, if the woman attracted to him is ineligible by his standards.

Years ago, a female friend told me about one of her girlfriends who was available and looking for a gentleman who was also available. Well, I was single and available. I heard the woman was nice looking and fun, so we met. However, after dating this woman one time, I discovered she was not eligible although she was available. The first thing I noticed that made her ineligible for me was that she rudely sent the food back, in the restaurant, two times, because of one thing or the other. A rude woman is not an eligible mate for me. By the time the waitress brought our desert, I was afraid to eat it. Plus I was an ineligible mate for her; although, she didn’t say it. The woman had the gall to tell me during conversation that she was a Christian and the man who she becomes involved with has to love the Lord as she does. Strike two. She has no standing to dictate who and what a man loves. This is why so many men are sitting in church because they’re trying to please the emotional whims of some woman he’s interested in. While they’re sitting in church, she’s thinking, “I’m going to get him saved,” and he’s thinking, “I can’t wait to get out of here.”

There are many secular internet dating clubs where 90% of the women and men who are looking for a mate insist their mate has the same religious footing in his or her life. Hog wash! Nothing inspires a lonely person to lie or pretend faster than the prerequisite of being devoted to such and such religion. It’s more realistic to make your eligibility points around sustainable values such as the character and core morals of another.

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