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Four Socially Accepted Spectacles That Make Me Twinge: Part 2 of 2

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(3) Loss of Morality -The sagging pants of Black males once caused me mental anguish; however, unfortunately, I’m now desensitized and only twinge. I’m much more disturbed by the lack of common morality by Black males than females because the men are the leaders and set the socially acceptable standards. Therefore, females are operating on low morality fuel in a misguided quest to attract men through their reduced ladylike behavior. Thus they deface their natural beauty with tattoos and body piercings. Females follow males; thus women are exempt from my scorn; however, unique women are not reduced by weak social standards. I remember when being cool and/or hip for Black males meant dressing sharp and displaying chivalry. Black musical groups and celebrities from the 50s & 60s set the dress and social codes. Though I’m going way back - aren’t things supposed to get better with time? Look at the way the code setters mislead our Black males today. I first noticed the loss of integrity in Black artists over 30 years ago when rap artists appeared on stage bare-chested with their pants down to their pelvic, tattoos all over their body, wearing earrings, with dangling gold chains and spewing profanity. And like dumb sheep the young monolithic Black masses followed with reduced morality, which put unjustified hardship on the intelligent young Black people trying to live a crime-free lifestyle, earn an college education, and obtain a substantial career. However, to be fair, the Black spectacle predates rap and hip-hop influence. In the 70s & 80s many Black males wore shower caps in public over drippy wet hairdos and in the 50s & 60s they wore (including me) greasy headscarfs over conked hair. Black men have long made spectacles of themselves in appearance and deed but this generation is king.

(4) Gullibility in the Black Church - In the 1960s, I learned of a legendary Black preacher called, “Father Devine.” Father Devine, who died in 1965 at 91 years old, claimed to be God, was showered with wealth by Blacks and also Whites. Father Devine preached abstinence, which thousands, although married, of his Black female members worldwide practiced, at the chagrin of their husbands. Father Devine’s popularity was greater than any ten top televised preachers of today, all together, and without the benefit of television or Internet. Father Devine, eventually married, to a Black woman two decades his senior, who became known as Mother Devine. He claimed that their marriage was never consummated. When Mother Devine died, Father Devine, at 70-years-old, remarried. His second wife was a 21-year-old White woman, who Father Devine claimed to be Mother Devine reincarnated. His congregation worldwide proclaimed, “Praise the Lord, it’s a miracle!” Since Father Devine, I have observed many Black and White religious leaders exposed to scandals, later proven true. Many of the scandals remain hush-hush within individual churches. Nevertheless, I love the Black church for the great work of uplifting downtrodden people. However, many parishioners, including children, are sexually violated within the church and little is done about it. Also it is not uncommon or unknown that many pastors take financial advantage of older church members, especially those who live alone. I witness the regularity of how pastors and church officers are constantly charged with immoral and/or illegal behavior as the church turns to other cheek. Many see and/or treat their religious leaders as God as with Father Devine followers. The widespread gullibility of Black congregants makes me twinge.

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