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Four Socially Accepted Spectacles That Make Me Twinge: Part 1 of 2

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(1) Modern Technology - Most modern innovations are convenient, ingenious, and time saving. The world is moving at a faster pace than a few decades ago. We cook and are served food at a faster pace, thanks to microwave ovens and drive-thru restaurants. We bank at a faster pace due to drive-thru banking, ATMs, and online banking. Everything is faster and less personal. Although I don’t fancy the life of the Amish, I am more discouraged than encouraged by the modern technology, electronic gadgets, and doodads at our fingertips such as iPods, texting, and smart phones. Staying abreast of technology is great for government security, scientists, engineers, astronauts, medical professions, etc. but the average intelligent adult and student is becoming more unimaginative and perhaps are developing brain atrophy or loss of brain power. As an example, I’ve witnessed my friends and associates are using calculators to figure out the appropriate restaurant tip, which is usually 15% of the tab. I’ve known young adults to get lost on the road when their GPS malfunctioned although there was a map in the car, which they admit they couldn’t read. A friend’s 14-year-old grandson was send to the store to purchase money orders for the utility bills, fill them out and mail them; however, he brought the money orders back home because he didn’t know how to fill them out; however, he could pay the bills online. And the most pathetic issue is the misspelled words I see everywhere because of the texting craze. Therefore modern technology that sends your brain on vacation makes me twinge.

(2) Snub of Black Women and Black Men Odd Fancy for White - Although many men have shown chivalry to women, few have extended such benevolence to Black women. In 1851 an ex-slave named Sojourner Truth felt the need to make a public speech declaring, “Ain’t I a Woman.” While Black females were treated as cattle, White females were treated like ladies. However, history records White women as instigating the lynching of over a thousand Black males. White femininity caused the death of the young boy Emmet Till, false imprisonment of the Scottsboro Boys, and the burning of Black towns. Ida B. Wells, a Black female journalist, wrote during the 1890s, that one-third of the 3,400 lynching of Black males were based on false accusations of White women accusing them of flirtation and/or rape. According to Wells, 85% of the charges were proven false; however too late for the lynched males. Thousands of Black males escaped lynch mobs because Black women misled the mobs and lied about their whereabouts, much like Rahab, the prostitute in the Bible, Joshua 2:1-21. Black men owe a debt of gratitude to Black women who, from the 1890s-1950s, hid their forefathers from unjust racism executions. Today, devious White women, such as Susan Smith, Bonnie Sweeten, and Catholic nun Mary Turcotte, continue to falsely accuse Black men for crimes punishable by life imprisonment or death. In 2003, basketball superstar Kobe Bryant was falsely accused of rape by a White woman; however, the charges were later dropped. Yet Black women continue to hold the dubious record of the most single mothers in America while Black men break records dating and marrying outside their race. As Black men lift White women onto pedestals let it be known that these pedestals are stained with the blood and tears of yesteryears Black women, it’s enough to make me twinge.

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