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Life Gone By Before You Lived It: Part 2 of 2

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According to a survey in 2007 by The Pew Forum African Americans are the most religious in the United States with 70% being religious compared to other groups with lower percentages, and 85% of African Americans in the US are reportedly Christians and 70% of the African American Christians are female. Considering that churches and their spiritual beliefs have such an impact on the sexual behavior and guilt complex of its followers, this led me to add up 2 + 2 which equaled trouble for the African Americans.

According to www.Blackcounselors.com the occurrence of depression is thought to be 50% higher among African American women than it is in white women. It is thought that Blacks, 11-12% of the population, comprise nearly 25%, one-quarter, of the recipients of mental health services in the United States. With all of the Black women being in church, it stands to reason that they’re the most in need of psychological therapy and the most unmarried, divorced, single mothers, living in celibacy , abstinence, or guilt because of their sexual conduct and their fear of disappointing God. This, in some small part, might explain why black men so frequently seek wives/lovers outside their race.

In 1970 songwriter/singer Curtis Mayfield had a popular tune called, “Don’t Worry - If There’s a Hell Below, We’re All Going to Go.” Two years later Mayfield recorded, “Freddie’s Dead.” I’m old enough to remember that! In 1972, I recall being at the funeral of one of my aunts who was in her forties or fifties. She was the most religiously devoted woman I had ever encountered. Some family members rumored that she died a virgin old maid while she waited on the lord to send her a husband.

Although the two recordings were not spiritual, I related each to the religious beliefs that may have kept my aunt in psychological bondage.

The way I see it, we must do something to ensure that black women catch up to the happiness parade as they march through live. Certainly, I’m not the only that realizes very many unmarried black women are as sexually as active as other women. The problem is most of these women, according to psychological studies, live a life of guilt and depression as a result of being human.

Bottom line, I don’t want to be remotely responsible for anybody going against their religion but if they’re doing it anyway, I would suggestion they renegotiate the terms of their life. Just think of all the years they can live without guilt and running back and force asking for forgiveness.

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