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Circle the Wagons! Polygamy is Coming! (Part 1 of 2)

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In the last thirty-five or forty years, society in general has relaxed so many long standing traditions, standards, morals, policies, and laws that nothing is everlasting as we once thought. Even the Christian foundation has crumbled and nearly everything is socially acceptable from unwedded parents, abortions, tattooed females, a code of dress for men and women, to gay marriages and gay predatory preachers.

Several decades ago, a known marijuana smoker was as nearly as outrageous as a known pedophile is today. However, today, there are doctors legally prescribing marijuana for medicinal purposes to anyone with an exaggerated ailment and the money to buy. As the downhill spiral of society gains momentum, monogamy is likely to become compromised as polygamy slowly enters the mainstream of our thoughts.

Polygamy may be the next thing to be on the ballot for legalization. When I first heard the law for same sex marriage was passed in at least six states, I wondered what would become the next American law and/or tradition to crumble and find acceptance in social and the churches.

Monogamy being challenged by polygamy came to mind. It occurred to me how TV is usually the medium that first tosses the hat of controversy such as the many gay-orientated TV shows and movies over the past 15 - 20 years that softened the public for gay marriage. Now the TV industry is pushing polygamy TV shows. Big Love is an American television drama that premiered in the United States on March 12, 2006 on HBO and has just been renewed for a fifth season. The show is about a fictional fundamentalist Mormon family in Utah that practices polygamy. The success of “Big Love” has inspired another TV series about polygamy. Sister Wives is an American reality television series broadcast on TLC in 2010. The show documents the life of a polygamist family living in Lehi, Utah, which includes a patriarch husband, his four wives and their 16 children. The sevenepisode first season ran from September 26 to October 17, 2010 and drew strong ratings according to Nielsen Media Research. Sister Wives has been renewed for a second season. Just as those who stood against gay marriages were labeled homophobic there’ll surely be some intimately label given to those against polygamy - perhaps polyphobic. With such an anti- American and prejudice sounding label fewer people would publicly speak out against it. (Part 2 next week).

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