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What a Mature Woman REALLY Wants

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This article is an opinion piece where your input is encouraged. After writing a poem recently entitled, "What a Man Really Wants," I was challenged with the question rather or not I knew what a woman really wants. My poem was inspired by Proverbs 31:30 where it says beauty is vanity and is passing. Nevertheless, after receiving the question about what a woman really wants, it has ocurred to me that my knowledge comes from the personal profiles that women write on the online dating websites and further from the woman magazines at the checkout stands in supermarkets. However, giving the high rate of divorce, which are usually filed by women, and the great number of women chosing to remain unmarried or never marry it is obvious that most men don't know or care about what a woman really wants.

Below is the reply I received from one woman after asking the aforementioned question: What a Mature Woman Really Wants:

"No, I do not know what a woman really wants. Women all have different agenda as to what they want from a man and most settle for anyone or anything as long as they have a man. I will give you my take from what I have heard women say.

"Majority of women just want a man with a job and paycheck, forgetting about what it takes to keep the man. Some do not care if he has a job or not. Many women will not date a man if the does not have a degree, home, job and a pension. Unfortunately, men with degrees usually have their pick of women, so they will never or rarely commit to monogamy relationship. I look and listened to my 42-year-olddivorced sister and I know she wants a relationship, but I think she is too aggressive and try to be the man when she meets someone which is a turn off.

"Yes, women want honesty but not when it comes to their beauty and physical look. It is definitely vanity. When women talk about honesty they do not want someone who lies and cheats during marriage a relationship. Be a man tell the truth rather than continue to lie when you want out. Most women do not have a problem with the man being the leader, if he is going to lead then doing it.

But, most men do not how or was never taught so sometime women are forced to take charge. Yes, women talk about they want a godly man, however that is just a cliche.

"PERSONALLY, this is what I want. At my age, I do not want someone with alot of drama. I prefer a man who can take charge. As I told you yesterday I was never an angry Black woman or wanted to be in charge, taking lead was done by force. This is the case for many women, especially the Black females.

"I love good conversation where we can talk about anything and everything without feeling they have step on one another toes, also being able to laugh at good and bad jokes and sometimes just acting silly. I wants someone to hold hands, gives and get great hugs. Sometimes conversation is not needed, just being in each present is sufficient if only for a moment. I want someone who has their own source of income because if he depends on me he will be in a world of hurt. Like most women I would love to have monogamous relationship, since I never had one. I will not ask the man to give up his women friends he knew prior to meeting me. I want us to be able to trust and be honest with each other. I want to be able to care for someone and wants the care in return. For, as godly men most women would be better off looking outside the church." THE END

I would like to hear from you about what a woman really wants. Such honest and candid information would help me prepare a speech for an upcoming speaking engagement where the audience will largely be retired men living alone. Please share.

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