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The Making of Love, Sausage, and Plays

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If you like eating meat, don’t tour the packinghouse. The meat packing industry handles the slaughtering, processing, packaging, and distribution of animals such as cattle, pigs, sheep and other livestock. The industry is primarily focused on producing meat for human consumption. A trip there years ago, reminded me of the sausage and law cliché, "In a democracy, making law is like making sausage. You may or may not love the final product, but the process for making both of them will probably make you sick."

This includes everything from having a baby, lasting marriages, to producing a play. Everybody loves the newborn but only the mother knows the labor pain. When the mother tells people of her many hours in labor, no one really cares. However everybody wants to cuddle the baby. The long ordeal of her labor pains is too much information. Such information is the ears of emotionally immature pregnant females might every well send them running to an abortion clinic. Or worst, more newborns are found in trash dumpsters with their umbilical cord still attached. Some children survive the birth stage and infant stage but eventually are placed adoption institutions because of the shadow of death that follows the parent as in Psalm 23. However, these potential parents fear evil or the shadow of fear. Everybody cannot handle the uncompromising sacrifice of having and raising a child but everybody enjoys the fantasy of flashing cute baby photos and cheering loudly as their kid win awards and trophies. The same is true in marriage and other challenging endeavors such as conquering any great achievement. The shadow of fear sends many running.

In the last couple years, I’ve been drawn to wri t ing stage plays. The behind the scenes of producing a play there are clashes between cast, crew, investors, and production team. This behind the scenes information is not usually privy to the public. All the public wants to see is a play on stage. They want to be entertained, laugh, applaud and perhaps give a standing ovation.

When such people are invited to the round table of the making of a live stage production, they very well might imagine a script change, venue change, cancellation of a date, investor wrangling, rescheduling of rehearsals, director rants, writer/producer conflicts, casting changes, and the legal mumbo jumbo as the walk through the valley of shadow of death. They easi ly to become unraveled. However, I have come to know that all of these things behind the scene activities are not unusual and are often necessary to pave the road to that standing ovation. Many shows are aborted before it ever has the legs to walk because of too much information being exposed to non-theatrical minded people.

If the general public knew all the messy work, the blood, sweat, aches and pains, that went into their daily breakfast, the eggs, the sausage, or that stop light on the corner, it would be too much information to enjoy life.

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