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When Computer Dating Seniors Meet the Family

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Adult children would like to see their single, divorced, or widowed parent happy in their sunset years. Many of these children encourage their parent to get out more often and mingle with other unattached seniors. Many seniors are so set in their ways that they find it difficult to meet new interesting people for the purpose of dating. Therefore, some adult children take matters into their own hands and place their parent on an online dating website, while some seniors take their own innovative dive into this ocean of persons of interest.

In fact, one such popular website is actually called, “Plenty of Fish.” The great potential of catching someone can’t be clearer than a dating website with such a title as, “Plenty of Fish.” However, such websites have become a virtual sexual playground and heaven on earth for some for the less stable-minded while the spiritual-driven are prayerful that God, who controls that big computer in the sky, would send them a monogamous cyberspace soulmate. Some online subscribers cast their nets across oceans, states, and mountains while other nets are cast in local waters. When lovelorn online dating subscribers get a bite or hookup that they consider a catch worth keeping, many flaunt their new catch to their family, friends, and church members for their unbinding but enabling nod of approval while others use their new catch as merely an opportunity to gloat.

There is an ambiguous honor in being paraded or put on display before this unofficial group of fish/date and game inspectors. At least the new fish realizes that he/she was good enough to get to the market of opinion. However, the flip side of this display is that it is a bit degrading and devalues the new date as an individual to be put on display in this fashion. In some cases, men and women travel great distances in their search for love. When a new date travels a good distance by highway, rail, sea, or air this can become a great ego and good self-esteem builder to the person on the other end of the trip. Perhaps this self-therapy is good as long as no one is misled and has false hopes. But even those without false hopes might harbor an underlining hope that he or she can sway an illusive hearted commitment phobic person into a monogamous relationship, which is also self-servicing because it would enhance or build his or her self-esteem. It is apparent to me is that many senior men and women use other people through online dating to revive their rapidly fading confidence. These people lure the unsuspecting showroom models before their friends and family to show everyone that they still have what it takes to attract romantic interest. Insecure but selfish people may use online dating as their personal emotional medication.

And the more potential lovers that can be displayed the better the insecure person feels about him/her self. Online dating websites afford everyone the opportunity to become the “playboy” or “playgirl” of their ultra ego. Some, especially gullible men and women are flattered by meeting the family, friends, and church group while others are repelled by it because they did not enter their senior years to play games. Warning! If you have publicly displayed several dates to friends and family within one year, beware, you might be the real fish on display.

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