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Compromising Man's Natural Instinct

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The lesson that most men never receive or come to the realization of is that the gender referred to as “man” is supposed to be the dominate gender and species on earth. In other words, according to the biblical training and throughout history, “man” is King. Man is equipped with the pre-developed brain power and physical power to dominate all other creatures and to protect and provide for the female and children. Man is supposed to be the good moral example for the male child to follow. I believe that the prefix “man” is a root word or guide word to signal taking control.

Consider the words that begin with m-a-n. Here are a few examples:

(1) manager (2) manual (3) maneuver (4) manifest (5) manipulate (6) manmade (7) manor (8) manners (9) mansion (10) mantra (11) manuscript, and (12) manufacture. Even the word manure comes from man because man is suppose to make things grow. However, all of this is based on his self-control and ability to rise above weaker species and animals that lack his intellect and self-control. Even in the Bible it was Eve who first showed lack of self-control. Though the instinct of man is to spread his seed at will - a strong man, a true King, can rise above his primitive nature. However, to do so, the man must have a mind that is stronger than his natural urge. Being monogamous is not natural but learned.

Monogamy is a discipline that only the man with higher intellect and self-control can master. Many men are naturally weak to their impulses such as gambling, pornography, drinking, fighting, and uncontrolled sex. Even when men try to conform to a higher level of socialization such as fidelity they have flashbacks. The call of nature reminds the domesticated male of the males in the wild such as the wild stallion, the stud bull, with his many females to service. Such feelings can only be controlled with self-discipline not love for the wife or love for God. Many men in love are still naturally weak.

When an exotic animal is brought into the home of an animal lover an attempt to domesticate the animal takes place. This person attempts to make a pet out of this baby rattle snake, tiger cub, or other wild animal. We put these animals in the circus and amusement parks to entertain us. Occasionally these animals have flashbacks of their natural instinct and when that happens they attack. When a domesticated man has such flashbacks, he realizes that he is not acting like a natural man but a trained seal. He loses his self-control and monogamy goes out the window. Women must understand that some men are masters of their souls and in control enough to exercise their manpower over their flashbacks but some are not. Just as dogs sometimes have flashbacks and turn on their owners because the dog’s natural instinct is not to fetch a ball but to bite.

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