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Is Monogamy More Than Most Married Men Can Handle?

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Personally, monogamy was not a challenge to me when I was married the second time. During my first marriage at 24-years-old, I was much more insecure about the requirements and duties of a real man. In my second marriage at 40+ years old, of course I was more self-assured and closer to being in my right mind. Not that I was so in love nor was I bound by the Holy Bible scripture in Exodus 20:14 “Thou shall not commit adultery.” Far too many spiritually driven people continuously fall short of that scripture for it to have any real impact except to foster guilt.

It’s more people breaking that particular commandment than the one immediately following it, Exodus 20:15 “Thou shall not steal.” If men and women were sentenced to prison for adultery as they are for stealing, the world would need 5 times as many prisons as it has... and as a result all churches would have 40 - 50% less members because they would be doing time and 50% of those attending would be convicted ex-adulterers. So let’s not jump on the exposed adulterous men with both feet as if we’re holier than thou. Nor do I say pray for them. An adulterous man doesn’t need prayer, he needs to grow up - besides half of the prayer warriors are praying with unclean hands themselves.

Let’s examine this thing called monogamy that was crammed down the world’s proverbial throat several centuries ago. Polygamy, which is the opposite of monogamy, and the practice of a man being in a sexual relationship with more than one wife or woman at a time was standard practice centuries ago and in some cultures it still openly exists. Although I believe that polygamy is more natural and closer to human instinct, I know that monogamy is better for a civilized society. The problem is that men have had the privilege of many women since before the Bible was written and now many feel it’s a right regardless of how much they love their spouse in this modern and more structured society.

Monogamy makes sense for a lot of reasons, but especially for the sake of children and offspring inheritances. Nevertheless, men will never be faithful to one woman simply because he loves her or it’s a nice thing to do. Men must take on monogamy as a conquest and/or challenge to his true manhood.

The truest demonstration of maturity is self-control. An adult without self-control or the willpower to do what he knows is better for his image and family is merely a child in men's clothing. The ability to just say “NO” not only applies to children in an antidrug program, or boys refusing to join a gang, or an overweight kid standing in the ice cream parlor line, it also applies to grown men who have a problem saying no to sexual temptation.

There will never be a time in life that men will not be tempted by women. Women, it seems, are on a mission to tempt men. Tempting men is a multi-trillion dollar business worldwide and women are the primary customers. Some women even specialize in going after married men for selfish and often financial reasons.

A man who cannot be faithful to his wife is no more mature than a child with rotten teeth who can’t say no to sweets. Infidelity is a trap that some men set themselves and others fall into. Men must pick their heroes differently.

I imagine that the most admired man must not continue to be the man that boasts he is a “Playboy,” for a playboy is not even a real boy but a play - boy; therefore, he will never be a real man, but the man that can boast that he has overcome the inbred temptation around him and is indeed in control of his sexuality and it is private property.

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