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A Few Subtle Deceptions of Love (Part 1 of 2)

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Some men are like cats. Many people are considered ‘cat people’ because they love cats. With that said, I must confess that I am no cat person. And furthermore, I believe that very few, if any; cats are not ‘people cats’ because they love people. One of the reasons I dislike cats is because cats like to rub themselves against you. Different ‘cat people’ have told me that cats are very affectionate and that’s why the cat rubs against me. To that I say, “Hogwash!” I strongly believe that cats rub against you not because they are affectionate but to use some part of your body, especially your leg, as a massage tool. Cat people are deceived by this subtle act of feline intimacy and think the cat loves them. Therefore cat people show their affection in return by holding and stoking the purring stealthy slinky four-legged green-eyed pet. However, when a cat doesn’t want a massage, a cat wants nothing to do with anyone. They are clever animals and know how to use you to meet their needs. Some men are like cats.

Most heterosexual men would stand firm and boost of how much they love women. To this I also say, “Hogwash!” However, that is not to be mistaken with the reality that many individual men love individual women. Usually this individual love is proven through a godly marriage and/or a longterm monogamous loving relationship.

Nevertheless, on the whole, in the big picture, men do not demonstrate a humanitarian love for women as a species. For example: Men fought to deprive women the right to vote; the right to an education; the right to receive fair pay in the workplace; the right to receive credit in their own name or buy/rent property without the co-signature of a man; and the most compelling evidence for this misogynistic theory is that women are consistently and overwhelmingly the victims of male serial killers. Yet, even most of the serial killers usually have a wife/girlfriend at home to cuddle, bear him children, prepare his dinner, and rub his back, which in a sense is much like the cat.

If a Muslim man has multiple wives does that mean that he loves women? If a pimp has multiple prostitutes does that mean that he loves women? Did male slave owners love female slaves because they impregnated so many?

Women must wake-up and smell the testosterone – just because some guy has been a constant romantic fixture in their lives for many years is not a sign that he loves women to the extent that he’s willing to support women’s causes and women’s rights. Male activist groups very seldom support major issues that are constructed to benefit women’s health or rights. These revelations became clear to me based on a personal experience. On April 23, 2011, a play that I wrote called, “Tribute To My Sisters,” promoting breast cancer awareness, early detection, and self-breast exams opened in Moreno Valley.

Although the play was packed with laughter and musical entertainment is was attended by ten times more women than men. Then again on May 7, I attended the Revlon Breast Cancer Walk in Los Angeles and the women outnumbered the men by my estimation 25 or 30 to 1. The next day was Mother’s Day and I would bet my neighbor’s dog’s life that nearly every man in America bought some female some flowers, candy, a card or at least greeted some female with Happy Mother’s Day. Allow me to ask the question: Is that true affection or catnip at work?

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