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Men are Risking Their Lives for Feminine Affection

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A friend of mine, I will call Bubba, in his sixties, three years ago married a woman that he met through an online dating site, who was half his age. Bubba has often boasted about how full of erotic fire he and his wife are together. However, Bubba, who is obese, had a heart attack last winter. Since his heart attack he has been careful not to do anything that would cause his heart to beat fast except for living his sex live in the fast lane. Although his wife didn't know it, Bubba had covertly been a user of Viagra. After Bubba's heart attack, his doctor stopped the Viagra and as a result Bubba sex live plummeted so he changed doctors. His new doctor allows the continued use of the sex enducing drug. Viagra, and also Cialis & Levitra are medications used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). They have been linked to serious and sometimes deadly side effects. Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra cause drops in systemic blood pressure in many patients. This is caused by a dilation of general blood vessels, as well as the vessels that allow erection of the penis. These drops in blood pressure can bring on cardiac events including:heart attack; sudden cardiac death; and hypertension according the the information literature that comes with these prescriptions.

Eight months ago, Bubba began using a walking cane He claims it's more a fashion statement than a crutch; although, he taps the sidewalk and curbs to keep from stumbling. He denies that he's losing his eyesight; nevertheless, he's now wearing noticably thicker eyeglasses. The other day, I ran across an article that informed me that Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra have been linked with sudden blindness in one eye, called stroke of the eye, which occurs when the blood supply is cut off to an optic nerve. Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra have also been linked with piapism, a prolonged and painful erection that requires immediate medical attention.

According a national study of 60% of men over fifty, who uses medications to increase or prolong their sexual performances, would rather risk their lives than master their sexual appettie or concede that they're not, after all,God's gift to women. However, in personally talking with several other men in the over fifty category, a small percentage would dump the pills and drugs and try another woman than risk their lives. The other woman approach to the ED have proved effective for a few. Many have discovered that situations like in the case of my friend Bubba where the man has put himself under so much pressure to please that the anxiety might cause ED. Many men unwisely feel that their sexual prowess determines their masculity.However, sometimes, men can't become aroused because of some unresolved emotional issues between the couple. Solving the deeper problem might minimize or cure the ED. The men risking their lives with drugs should not try to portray some kind of super stud but practice relaxing and enjoying live with a woman that can appreciate him in whatever condition she finds him in. Meanwhile, when I last saw Bubba he was he's tapping his way along with a stupid Hugh Heifner smile on his big sweaty face.

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