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Internet Dating Sites Should Screen for Sociopathic People Too

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As most conscientious adults know, the United States Justice Department has a website that exposes registered sex offenders. Many people utilize this public tool as part the standard credit/background check prior to renting out an apartment to an applicant.

Some conscientious women utilize such sites prior to accepting a date from certain men, especially those met online. Now screening for sexual predators may become commonplace. Singles website Match.com said Sunday that it will begin screening its users against the U.S. national sex offender registry after a woman filed a lawsuit against the company saying she had been assaulted by someone she met through the popular dating service. Last week, a California woman filed a lawsuit against the website, saying she was sexually assaulted while on a second date at a West Hollywood cafe by a man she met through Match.com. The suit said the attack could have been prevented with a proper background check and demanded that Match.com start screening for sexual predators. Match.com said it expected to be able to implement the policy in 60 to 90 days.

Well, I have noticed another flaw in Internet dating. Although it is fine and dandy that Match.com will begin to screen men for sexual offenses on the record and expose them or deny their application to join in order to decrease the likelihood that young women would be assaulted; however, the older customer have other concerns. Seniors are a large part of the Internet dating society; however, sexual predators are not plotting traps for senior citizens. When is the last time you heard of a woman 50+ being slipped date rape drugs? It’s not happening!

However, Internet dating seniors seem to constantly run into the problem of meeting and connecting with OCD and antisocial disorders. The warped person’s friends are not going to expose him/her. Their relatives are loyal to the secret and adhere to the family code of silence by saying to each other, “Shh… don’t say nuttin!”

Many innocent lonely seniors meet and even marry these deviates and/or sociopaths. No one in the personal circle of the violent, stalking, cheating, lying, alcoholic, temper tantrum throwing, bipolar, schizophrenic cuties utters a word when the preacher asks, “If anyone here knows why this couple shall not be joined together, let him or her speak now or forever hold their peace.”

However somewhere down the line the dark secrets gradually comes to light one by one. Eventually the naïve spouse overhears someone ask the sociopath something like, “Do you still have that urge to smother somebody?”

A friend of mine, in her 50’s, married a man that she met through Match.com. They’ve been married four years and he already has beaten her up at least twice that I know about. Her mother recently paid a private detective to do a background check on him and discovered that he was married twice before and had beaten both of the other women. He also has a history of failed anger management counseling. But he’s not a sexual predator. Another friend of mine, another female of senior age, meets most of her dates online. She’s attractive and yields to her temptation of lust with either gender, which prevents her from spending many evenings alone. Recently, she told me that she’s engaged to be married. I’ve met her future husband on three occasions. However, I wonder if he knows that she has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder #2 and is also gay. Whether he does or does not, I will remain silent because Match.com introduced them – not me. However, Match.com should at least begin to screen for mental disorders because deception in Internet relationships extend beyond being a sexual predator.

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