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Single Senior Citizen Living is Not Bad at All

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For years, I visited my mother in a senior citizen apartment complex in Moreno Valley and thought it to be a mundane place to live. Although the building is located directly behind the Moreno Valley Recreational Center, my mother never participated in any of the activities there. Instead she sat home alone and waited for someone to call or visit to give audience to her insatiable complaints. Just as I turned 62 years old, my former wife filed for divorce and I began living in rented rooms, which lasted for nearly two years. However, during the last week of March my name came to the top of a senior citizen apartment waiting list in downtown Riverside. With thoughts of my mother’s experiences in my head, I dreaded the move but figured at least I would have my own kitchen and bathroom. However I have been pleasantly surprised. This is the best move that I could have ever made. I’ve a nice studio apartment on the 14th floor with a balcony and panoramic scenic view of several cities in the three directions.

My modest rent includes nutritious and close to gourmet dinner meals in the dining room five days a week prepared by a master chef. There are choices of three different entrees and two desserts served by five college cook apprentices. If I had imagined life as a senior divorcee would be so stress free and comfortable I would not have been so apprehensive or paranoid to embrace the change. Wi th the exception of being around so many toothless women on walkers living in a senior citizen apartment is not bad at all.

Nevertheless, God is good. Divorce can lead to a great depression if not properly dealt with. There are biblical scriptures to fit every situation. In my case I refer to Psalm 71:9-18, verses reads: 8-11 Just as each day brims with your beauty, my mouth brims with praise. But don't turn me out to pasture when I'm old or put me on the shelf when I can't pull my weight. My enemies are talking behind my back, watching for their chance to knife me. The gossip is: "God has abandoned him. Pounce on him now; no one will help him."

Verses 12-16 God, don't just watch from the sidelines. Come on! Run to my side! My accusers— make them lose face. Those out to get me—make them look like idiots, while I stretch out, reaching for you, and daily add praise to praise. I'll write the book on your righteousness, talk up your salvation the livelong day, never run out of good things to write or say. I come in the power of the Lord God, I post signs marking his right-of-way.

Verses 17 -24 You got me when I was an unformed youth, God, and taught me everything I know. Now I'm telling the world your wonders; I'll keep at it until I'm old and gray. God, don't walk off and leave me until I get out the news of your strong right arm to this world, news of your power to the world yet to come. Your famous and righteous ways, O God. God, you've done it all! Who is quite like you? You, who made me stare trouble in the face, Turn me around; Now let me look life in the face. I've been to the bottom; Bring me up, streaming with honors; turn to me, be tender to me, And I'll take up the lute and thank you to the tune of your faithfulness, God. I'll make music for you on a harp, Holy One of Israel. When I open up in song to you, I let out lungful of praise, my rescued life a song. All day long I'm chanting about you and your righteous ways, while those who tried to do me in slink off looking ashamed.

There are many depressions in life; however, as a wise man once said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” A statement from the first inaugural address of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933. Roosevelt was speaking at one of the worst points of the Great Depression.

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