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Wasted Time is Redeemable while Squandered Time is Sacrificed

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Most of us hate the idea of wasting time. However wasting time is a slippery slope that can lead to either quicksand or solid ground. There is a wide road between wasting time in productivity and wasting time in life. Productivity is not all it's cracked up to be. A select amount of productivity time may be postponed without earth-shaking results. It is an unceremonious life that is driven by work for accolade's sake, or a life's success measured by material wealth. Don't get me wrong, a life of achievements and hard work is honorable; nevertheless, it is not an acceptable purpose for life. Many times in social gatherings I have met people who define themselves by their career and/or possessions. In some cases, they're even taking care of business at a party on their iphone or blackberry, etc. I try to avoid a lifestyle that stops me from wasting a little time and happily doing nothing. Wasting time is taking a much needed break from stress, an unpleasant environment, person, or duty.

When beepers and pagers first became popular nearly thirty years ago, everyone who wanted to impress up on the world that they were important had a beeper or pager on their person. Even unemployed people began to carry a beeper or pager to appear important. I have never owned either because the idea of people beeping or paging me was annoying.

Fast-forward into today's modernizations of cell phones, text messaging, this and that - give me a break! I have acquaintances that can't go to the toilet, at home, without taking their cell phone with them lest they miss a call. Personally, I don't want to talk to you while you're on the toilet. I've heard of people that even have special phones installed in their showers.

More people need to learn to be in the moment and appreciate life where they are and not trying to anticipate the next move. Being where we are, immersed in it, aware of it, alert to it, may well be the secret to living well, to living fully and not being society's robot that thinks he or she is in charge. We go through life watching our watches. Some even go on one date and talk to another on the phone during that date. We must learn to enjoy life where we are. Nevertheless, I am tremendously opposed to squandering time, which is not to be confused with wasting time. For the purpose of this article, wasting time is productivity postponed while squandering time is a segment of your life sacrificed forever. An example of squandering time is being in an abusive relationship or on a dead-end thankless job while better opportunities to slip away forever. To lie and deceive your way into a relationship that only ends in bitterness is life squandered.

We must be aware that time is our most valuable asset, not money nor a love relationship. To a drowning man, another minute of breath is important. Many fatal accidents could have been avoided if a few more seconds were available to escape. If you find yourself squandering your time, snap out of it and realize that squandered time can never be replaced.

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