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10 New Years Resolutions for Seniors Seeking Love to Consider (Part 1 of 2)

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1. Take an honest look at yourself. Introspection is something that only you can do to make an honest connection with yourself. Examine your genuine bad and good points that would contribute to and/or demolish the foundations of a good relationship. Are you ready for true love or merely addicted to romance? When you’re addicted to romance, you will attach yourself to almost anybody and then try to change him or her while reeking relationship havoc in the process.

2. Respect yourself. Don’t do things to attract dubious attention i.e. wear provocative clothing; attain tattoos or body piercing in the hope of looking hip. It is unrealistic and unfair to expect any new man or woman to respect you more than you respect yourself. You will only attract people with lowered standards. Images are all around us of whom and how we should be. Most of us do not make the grade when we try to measure up to these unrealistic standards. And feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness can lead to poor decision- making in all areas of life - including love.

3. Don’t carry a lovelorn grudge into 2011. Being in the wrong relationship is like sitting on the wrong bus. Be glad you got off or were throw off the bus because the wrong bus would never take you where you want to go anyway. Learning to forgive and let go is essential if you ever desire to experience a fulfilling love relationship. You will only sabotage your next relationship if you’re still pouting or grieving about your last mismatched relationship.

4. Re-evaluate Your Standards. What qualities are most important to you and why? Have you been hunting for bear and returning with rabbits? Are you setting your standards too low or too high? Perhaps you’re been bear hunting with a rabbit gun. Extremes are generally not a good thing, so strive instead for a happy medium. If you have a PhD and settle for a GED don’t complaint about his or her friends. Your soulmate may not fit society's ideal, but they will be just right for you. And never lie to get or keep anyone because a cake make with rotten eggs is a rotten cake regardless of the icing.

5. Learn to love your own company. If you have a fear of being alone, you will want to work toward overcoming this. Occasionally, go to outings alone. When you enjoy your own company, you are more likely to make better decisions as to whomever you desire to share your time with.

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