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Who So Easily Bewitched You?: Part 2 of 2

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When you consider the types of TV programs in the parade of mindless shows that are popular, it’s not a big leap to conclude that most TV viewers are marching behind the elephants. It’s no wonder why the FBI and other law enforcement profilers, when looking for a suspect, are interested in the type of TV programs he or she watches. Profilers are also interested in the magazines and books in the house, and a big clue to a persons’ mindset is the websites a suspect frequents, which is why they always confiscate the computers. I once heard a story that for certain government jobs, the interviewer takes the interviewee to lunch as a method of reading the persons’ personality. For instance: If the person orders the meal without thoroughly looking at the menu, it is concluded that this type person is set in old habits and not open to change or new experiences. If an interviewee seasons his/her food with salt or pepper before tasting it, it is concluded that this type person jumps to conclusions without first investigating.

With so many people with emotional problems actively seeking relationships with innocent, sane, and unsuspecting people, I have concluded that it would be in the best interest of all to develop a FBI profilers’ mentality before getting too close. For instance: I have noticed that I can tell a lot about a person by the way they drive a car or even ride in a car for that matter. I know that I dealing with a selfish person when they scramble to beat someone else to a parking space even if the other driver seems to be twenty years or more their senior. Speeders are likely to be impatient and often are not punctual people.

Drivers who are constantly mumbling profanity or insults at the other drivers are passive aggressive unlike the loudmouth who’s not ashamed to be an angry idiot and just blurs out. And the riders or passengers who sit and complain about everybody’s driving simply bore easily and are most happy when causing some type of commotion. Therefore, I suggest that before you get too close to a new person go for a drive with them.

Here’s a method that I utilize to spot a male or female with emotional and/or insecurity issues: A male who is always trying to prove how tough he is, while a female is trying to flaunt her sex appeal is a sign to slow down. This might be done with tattoos in provocative areas of her body or sexual messages on her clothing. Women too dark for tattoos may wear too much make-up and/or weird hair colors to standout. Such a woman is likely to cheat just for the extra attention. The male for instance will usually gawk menacingly into the faces of other males like an alpha dog posturing for dominance. Bragging of, or flaunting, his sexual conquest appeases his insecurity about his manhood. He is likely to be a wife beater.

Unfortunately, so many people were jacked up in their childhood that the residual damage manifests itself in adult relationships. Everyone needs the instincts of a law enforcement profiler so to not waste value time with candidates for the Dr. Phil Show.

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