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Who So Easily Bewitched You?: Part 1 of 2

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Often it is said that when you walk with something so long it becomes your companion. Such an observation goes beyond human companionship and extents to personal and emotional unresolved issues. Many are walking with traumatic experiences of their past, which creates a routine of self-doubt and unhappy relationships. Although my intuition assures me there are, very likely, millions of emotionally healthy people living among us, an unbiased look at my reality assures me that these emotionally healthy individuals are in the minority.

Aside from the craziness brought to us on the reality, and talk TV shows the madness spills over into everyday life.

According to my observations of society, it is highly unlikely that you do not know someone who is not emotionally disturbed. Negative experiences in childhood have beaten so many children down and made them feel unworthy and/or insecure that many find it difficult to rise and shine in their adulthood. It is as difficult to rise and shine being shackled to haunting memories, as it is to make a good apple pie with rotten apples.

Fortunately, emotional problems that follow sufferers into adulthood are not unique; however, unless properly addressed they can ruin lives. Paul asked the question in the Galatians 3:1, “Who so easily bewitched you?”

Regardless of ones religious or spiritual beliefs, or lack thereof, unless we confront the source(s) of our problem(s) and root it out, we render ourselves vulnerable to the pain forever. It is important to discover, who or what tricked you into believing that you were unworthy or make you untrusting of society in general. Who so easily bewitched you? We all have heard the old cliché ‘misery loves company.’ Well, something very similar could be said of damaged people. Damaged people damage people. It is likely that an abuser feels that they too were abused or mistreated. Therefore, in their damaged mindset, they often subconsciously abuse, mistreat, and/or damage others. Such a confused and damaged mind lacks another reference of behavior.

Children attacked by their parent( s) are usually quick to attack others in their adulthood and so forth.

Unless damaged people achieve the power of forgiveness and forgive their abuser, their pain would continue as a perpetual companion.

Forgiveness is the key, which is only second to knowing that they do not have to remain in the stink-hole where they were guided to by the abuser. The abuser could have been a physically or verbally abusive parent or another influential figure. There’s a reference in the Bible that says, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” A bitter parent produces a bitter child because damaged people damage people. Forgiving and moving on paves the path to healing.

Another tried and true helpful method of healing is to verbally and/or through literature tell the story. We have to deal with some ugly stuff in this world because sometimes life jacks you up. Writing about your experiences and/or speaking publicly about them not only roots out and frees the spirit of deeply embedded emotional pain but also helps others.

To be referred to help publishing your story, email me at the address below:

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