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Being in Control of Peace and Pain

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Life is difficult but life is meant to lived and enjoyed. Life is sprinkled with peace and pain. The mystery of life however is to accomplish peace with all the things around us that want to drag us into depression and despair?

I believe the answer to dealing with pain is peace. Peace is the flip side of pain. When pain hits we can deflect it with peace. Even when you receive the worst news ever, you can eventually apply the force of peace to your circumstances. Not after things get much better but in the present circumstances of your life, even on the threshold of pain. The secret weapon of joy is peace, which is dictated by our attitude. Many people go bunkers at the funeral of a loved one, while others that loved the person just as much is at peace. Some people wonder, wow, how can they be at peace in a time such as this.

Even when things go wrong you can have peace. Peace is a deep-seated inner knowing that things are going to be all right. It is a confidence that though it is dark now, the sun will come up tomorrow. It is an attitude born out of faith and conviction that no circumstance and no situation can bring you down or keep you down unless you allow it to.

Peace is a force. It is a powerful catalyst that can fuel us through the worst of times. Happiness is fleeting and it is just an emotion. It is transitory and can be affected by the most mundane of inconveniences or annoyances. The weather, our team losing the game, a temporary power outage, car trouble, or even things with more emotional weight such as a broken relationship or loss of a job, all of those can send happiness running for the hills and none of it has lifetime ramifications.

Peace can be found in being in love, not necessarily with another person but with life, hearing the laughter of a child, viewing a sunset, listening to a beautiful piece of music, a walk alone, or even a second slice of pie.

The mistake we sometimes make is that we try to live out of our head instead of out of our heart. The saying is true that all sunlight and no rain make a dessert. The Bible says that in this world we shall face trials, tribulations, temptation and persecution. That is unavoidable. So, since we are going to hurt anyway, what should our response be? It's all a matter of maintaining the right perspective.

This world can be really messed up at times. Though you may be overwhelmed with grief right now, you will learn to laugh again, to play again, to love again, ride a bike, and perhaps even jump rope again. Life is in that sense is still good when you are in control of your peace and pain.

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