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Say Goodbye to Being Alone or Settling

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Society has no shortage full introverts. Many people are more comfortable meeting new friends online but rather than striking up conservation with a stranger by personal contact. Why sneak home to text, chat, or email the same strangers that you overlooked in the marketplace?

Perhaps most people are afraid of rejection; therefore, by online or electronic communication any possible rejection is soon dismissed and/or not taken personally. Many are extroverts, willing to let it all hang out, on their computer but introverts in public. The biggest myth that holds people back from creating satisfying social lives is that introverts are overly afraid of rejection and must push themselves forward to break the habit. I’m more of an introvert but appear to be an extrovert because I push myself to meet strangers and quick to join group discussions. Personally, I relish solitude but not to the point of becoming lonely. We all need to learn to choose our environment wisely. No one should chase a social life that they don’t want for companionship.

Don't underestimate the power of meeting people at your local religious center. Even if you were never active in your religious community before attending services, holiday events or social mixers can be a great way to practice coming out of your introverted shell. Occasionally visit other churches and/or places of spirituality and attend their special events. However be careful not to tie up with someone that is a talking Bible, unless you like that sort of thing. The same applies to any endeavor that you might have in common with a new acquaintance, you must be careful not to step in a social quicksand box.

Most of the time the people you meet online remain surface relationships.

A friend of mine boasts about having over 500 friends online in his social networking outreach. However, two months ago when he needed someone to help him move it was just he and I. He has become an online pickup artist and dates more women than Playboy Magazine founder Hugh Hefner but when he was ill a few years ago, it was his sister that nursed him back to health.

Instead of settling for shallow physical and online interactions go out and create deeper, emotionally satisfying relationships. And by chance you meet online, move beyond that stage. Once you meet people personally follow up with them. Invite them to things you’re doing that they might be interested in. The point is to enrich your life with people that inspire you, challenge you and imbue life with a richness that can’t come from private successes alone. Get away from a negative spirit, at all deliberate speed, before you become attached.

Even if you've sworn to never pick up another textbook, the luxury of free nights is a great way to expand your social repertoire by taking classes at your local college, university, or specialized school, and studying a subject you've always been interested in, while meeting people in the process. Also don’t rule out joining social and civic clubs – just get offline and out of the house. That’s a step towards eradicating an introvert personality and enjoying life.

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