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Early Puberty and the Prostitution Epidemic

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The other night, I watched a documentary on the Discovery Channel about the young innocent victims of prostitution. According to the program, there are girls as young as 10- years-old in the United States forced into prostitution by teenage and adult former drug dealers turned pimps. This particular documentary focused primarily on Oakland, California where at least 75% of the females involved were Black. Recent statistics records that Black girl’s bodies are developing faster that white and Latino girls. Health experts say this is because there’s too much fat in the diet of young girls of today, especially Black girls, closely followed by Latino girls – a case of fattening frogs for snakes.

Police officers set-up a sting operation and arrested many of the juvenile prostitutes. During subsequent interviews with the arrestees many revealed that they were given too much freedom at home and/or their parents/guardians were not sufficiently vigilant.

Most of the young preteen and teen prostitutes walking the streets of Oakland claim to be there by the soothing words and/or heavy-hand of a pimp. A 14-year-old Black girl with overly developed breasts said that she would sneak out of her bedroom window at 1 o’clock a.m. on Sunday morning to meet men at an arranged location. After having sex for money with the men, she would return home by 5 o’clock in the morning and sneak back through her bedroom window and be ready for church by 10 o’clock a.m. Most of the girls claim that they used Craigslist, the online classified ads service, to advertise their sexual favors and availability.

Many of these exploited children have worked for pimps who quit drug dealing for the more lucrative and less risky trade of selling young girls for sex, especially the early pubescent black ones. During the last decade, police tightened their grip on the crack-cocaine trade and imposed stiffer penalties for possession.

This drove dealers to look for an easier way to make money; they turned to vulnerable girls that think they’re mature and are flattered by their looks.

It would be extremely naïve to think that this attack on our young girls is exclusive to Oakland. No city is exempt. Every parent/ grandparent throughout the nation should develop a higher level of concern and by any means legal necessary protect their minor girls from this new prostitution wave.

Sometimes, kids are using these Internet Cafes to advertise sex for sale rather than use their home computer.

But by the time the cops caught on to this trend, experts say hundreds of kids were being sold for sex on the streets and via the Internet.

It is not the purpose of this article to claim that I have the answers to stop or even slow down this problem.

However, you should be concerned about early puberty in your girls. Early breast development and/or wide hips and/or protruding buttocks attract pimps because many of these girls bring in up to $1,500 per night, according to my research.

Often early puberty development can be controlled through proper diets. Take your child to see a doctor if she is showing early puberty development.

Also a dialogue of honest discussion should be considered with mature family members and a family plan should be developed to protect your children, by any legal means necessary, because many of these children are in harms ways and do not live to ask for help.

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