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Clues of a Henpecked Man: Part 1 of 2

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I once heard about a man that was so henpecked that he was traumatized at the thought of telling his pregnant wife that he was sterile.

Whether or not henpecked men are aware of it, they are being drained of their natural alpha male instincts. I believe a man is henpecked when his wife or girlfriend controls him like a puppet on a string. I once heard a preacher give this explanation of how the word henpecked originated. He said that when a mother hen recognizes a particularly weak chick among her young, the hen pecks at the weak chick to prompt it to show signs of survival instincts. This pecking continues until the chick is either compliant or dead, whichever comes first.

Nevertheless, henpecked is generally considered to be a wife nagging or manipulating her passive husband into obedience by any means necessary including seductive persuasion.

The clues of a henpecking pattern are subtle. When superficial tears, manipulative sex, and/or sudden kindness by a female have become a pattern of her getting her way, she is a manipulator. When such antics are predictably successful on certain men then these men are considered henpecked. However, many emotionally secure men concede to this mild form of manipulation because the rewards of having a happy woman around the house outweigh his ego. Certain men find great delight in pleasing their wife in every way even if he grumbles a bit before yielding just to remind her that he’s the alpha dog.

However, I have a 57-year-old, married four times, cousin, that could be voted the president of The Whipped Men of America Association, if there was such an organized association of whipped men. As a gag, one of his friends bought him a dainty pink ruffle laced apron for his 50th birthday with an embroidered inscription on the apron that read, “If you want my opinion – ask my wife.” Well, he didn’t think it was very funny and went off on his buddy… but later apologized at the suggestion of - you know who – his wife. Now he wears the apron at his backyard cookouts.

The following are some of the traits, clues, or hints that I see in my cousin, which might help determine whether or not a man is on the verge of being henpecked: (1) He turns over all of his money and is given an allowance (2) He and his personal friends can’t sit in the living room because they might mess up or break something. His wife has prepared him a private entertainment area in the garage (3) His children from previous marriages are not free to just drop-in.

They must call first or make an appointment to come over, and (4) he used to go fishing every Sunday with his friends but now he’s an usher at church.

Next week’s article will be “Escape from Henpeck Prison.”

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