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Mel Gibson is Not an Aberration of a Man Scorned

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The number one killer of women in the United States, contrary to the Center for Disease Control, is not heart disease. The number one killer of women in Africa is not Malaria or HIV/AIDS. Nor is it Breast Cancer in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia as commonly reported.

The number one threat to women around the globe is out of control psychopathic men. Millions of women can personally, along with hospital and court records, substantiate the aforementioned. The Bureau of Criminal Justice consistently reports that women are injured, assaulted, and/or murdered by men at extremely disproportionate numbers.

And more poignantly reported is that women are more likely to be murdered or seriously injured by a husband, boyfriend, ex-husband or ex-boyfriend nearly 5 to 1than by one of the many misogynist serial killers living among us.

Violence in human nature is a natural disaster and will forever be with us and there will always be predators taking advantage of the weaker and more vulnerable. However, there is something that women can do to minimize their falling victim to a violent and/or enraged man? First women must learn to recognize the arena in which violence upon them is likely to occur then utilize their natural instincts and good senses to avoid such pitfalls. One of the chief arenas of violence is an atmosphere of promiscuous sex, drugs, and/or illegal activity. It is no coincidence that the majority of victims of serial killers are prostitutes, drug users, and women in the sexually alluring industry whether it is modeling, dancing, stripping, or massaging, etc. Also women must learn to listen to the voice of female friends that warn them that a certain man is not good for them. Seek professional or religious counseling early – before the abuse gets deadly. Learn to love themselves enough that drugs and promiscuity are no longer forms of self-medication. And further, women must learn that love is not painful or abusive and does not inflict harm, wounds, or emotional destruction.

In recent weeks, the news media have been bombarded with sound bites of actor Mel Gibson going off by telephone on his former girlfriend and child’s mother. The problem with Gibson is not rare. A lot of men think power is to cut women down to size. Somehow they are made stronger when they belittle and demean their perceived adversary.

Often when a man believes that a woman’s attraction to him is his money then she has immediately put herself under his authority and has become his imaginary puppet, slave or possession. Women compromise themselves when they chase the golden carrot dangling a few inches away that will remain a few inches out of reach. The least that every woman should do is document in a journal every argument and physical abuse in her relationship. She will soon see the pattern. One time might be a rare unfortunate incident and forgivable with a police report and anger management counseling for the abuser. Two times form a dangerous pattern and any more than that could become a coroner’s report.

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