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Moral Requirements of Grandparents

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There are many canyons but only one Grand Canyon. There are many types of pianos but only one Grand Piano. There’s a passage in the Bible that tells us, to whom much is given – much is required.” The title of Grand does not come without responsibility especially as it pertains to grand parenting and that goes double for single grand parenting.

Over the 4th of July weekend, I was invited to a friend’s house in Moreno Valley for a backyard bar-bque. My buddy had his four grandchildren, ages from 6 – 12 years old, over for the weekend because their parents were out of town for the holiday.

My buddy had promised his grandchildren that he would take them to the county fireworks show put on by the Moreno Valley Fire Department. However, my buddy’s longtime girlfriend came over half drunk with a couple of her grandchildren.

The two grandparents began to drink together and became inebriated then retired to the bedroom.

Ultimately none of the grandchildren went, as promised, to the fireworks show.

Perhaps I’m a borderline prude and that’s okay; nevertheless, I’m often offended by the unbecoming behavior that many grandparents impose upon their impressionable grandchildren. The same guy that had the 4th of July bar-b-que is a swinging bachelor but at least once a month his grandchildren spends the weekend with him. And more often than not, he has a different female grandmotherly type girlfriend spending the night also. However, the thing that bothers me most is that I know a couple other single grandparents that are open with their grandchildren about their loose lifestyles.

Regardless of this new cyberspace, anything goes, culture of today, which grand place in the hearts of grandchildren for their grandparents should not be diluted. There are so many children from broken homes and homes with same-sex unions that grandparents might be the childrens last chance to experience an emotionally well-balanced childhood even though that particular grandparent might be single. I believe that a healthier generation of adults would emerge if grandparents took the reigns of their responsibility and set good examples.

Among my circle of acquaintances are also several unhappily married grandparent couples. These couples regularly argue and/or show disrespect or a lack of affection for each other in the presence of their grandchildren.

It seems that anybody that is a grandparent and opens their home to their grandchildren should, at least temporarily, swallow their pride and provide an emotional safe and morally sound environment for the precious young ones.

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