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Absentee Father is No Longer an Excuse for Failure

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An ever-increasing number of children are growing up without a father or father figure in their lives. According to national statistics on children raised in homes absent of a father are disproportionately candidates for the revolving door of problematic lifestyles. Though there are several charitable and community outreach organizations in every urban city actively attempting to fill in the gap as positive male role models, thousands of children slip through the cracks. There will always be uncommitted relationships, deaths, and other life circumstances that result in one-parent households; however, I’m no longer convinced that’s unfortunate in all circumstances. God allows adversity in our lives to make us great. Under difficult instances the strong and faithful survive.

The nucleus family, as we once knew it several decades ago, has become an endangered role model. There are many one-parent households that thrive with honors because that single parent has good morals and practices sound judgment. However, if the single parent lacks good judgment the family will indeed suffer. Nevertheless, a gifted, blessed, or special child from a oneparent household that studies diligently, excels in school, and avoid the negative influences of their environment often beat the odds. Some children will fall into the traps of society and experience many negatives; however they will also break the cycle and survive after some struggles. With or without intervention, this some children will survive and go on to excel when and only when they decide that they will not be sacrificed.

When society, especially the men, recognizes the earnest struggles of a child to succeed, humanitarian support should be offered and made available. Also when society, especially men, recognizes a youth headed along the wrong path in life, a personal word of wisdom might plant the necessary seed or water the malnourished crop. Nevertheless, the weight falls on the child to save his/her self. Survivors these days are not wimps and wimps are not survivors. People searching for excuses to fail will succeed in failure with or without a father in their life.

One of the many qualities that I admire about President Barrack Obama, beyond the fact of being the first African American President of the United States, is that he succeeded as a responsible man in the face of great statistics against him. I believe that every father in the community should be a father figure either directly or indirectly; however, the determined and strong will survive. The Holy Bible has set forth many examples of greatness after going through insurmountable odds.

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