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Traditional Men are Apprehensive of Tattooed Women

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Methodical and creative marketing in the tattoo industry has transformed the way females look at themselves. Although it took decades to achieve, professionally inked tattoos have found a home onto the delicate soft skin of females. In the 70s, I only saw tattoos on men. However, occasionally, I would spot a female with the name of her boyfriend inked across the mounds of her breasts, as her enchanted way of marking his territory. One of my teenage neighbors has the name “Henry” tattooed on her left arm. She proudly told me that Henry was the love of her life and she put Henry on her left arm because the left arm is closer to the heart.

However, after the love of her life disappeared, she regretted the tattoo with a passion. She eventually saved enough money to have it removed…and I was glad that she did. My opinion about females and tattoos has not wavered.

There are many older women today carrying the impulses of their youth tattooed on their body.

As a traditional man, I think that tattoos on a woman, with the maturity of years, cheapens her otherwise sophisticated appearance.

Call me old fashioned but my subconscious immediately reduces middle-aged or older woman to the social pecking order of loose and indiscreet when I spot a tattoo. To see the same thing on a teenage girl or woman in her twenties, I dismiss her as naïve or lured by popular trend and assume that she will mature into good judgment later on. It is no coincidence that powerful internationally respected females are not flashing tattoos.

Although many traditional men have lowered their hopes to find the proverbial undefiled woman many still hold out hope that their special woman is not a nude dancer, promiscuous, bisexual, a woman of bad report, or a tattooed sideshow. Nevertheless, a traditional man will date any of the aforementioned or show up with champagne in the midnight hour but she is not the woman he dreamed about as a boy. Besides the Lover’s Hearts shaped tattoo a female gets at 20 years old will likely look like Chili Beans in much later years. The skin’s elasticity and moisture decreases over time. Tattoos often stretch or sag depending on where they are located on the body. Also, tattoos that have been exposed to the sun will also have a large amount of color distortion. As the ‘Age Angel’ taps their shoulder and/or as weight fluctuates the tattoo image becomes harder to figure out. If the tattoo is placed in an area with increased weight loss, the tattoo will stretch and the image will definitely change and it’s never cuter.

And when a tattoo spells out a message, in a discreet area of her body, no matter what the letters read that message in the mind of many traditional men, spells JEZEBEL.

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+1 # Guest 2011-11-01 14:44
I happened upon this article...JEZEBEL??? What about a man with tattoos.....does that represent a CONVICT? Traditional values are fine, but you are out of touch with reality, we are not living in ancient times. There are plenty of persons without tattoos that are liars, cheats, etc. What is that saying in the bible about judging others, you ought to read it.

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