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Sex Studies Can Make You Paranoid

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Over fifty percent of the magazines near the checkout stand in the supermarket advertise a sex survey, study, or lovemaking tips on the cover. Unfortunately, there are those among us that actually take this wishy-washy point of view as fact. For instance: A 45-year-old nephew of mine read a new study that claimed men live longer when they are sexually active at least twice a week. Well, based on the article, and considering the fact that his marriage was in the dumpster, he concluded that his wife’s lack of passion was inching him towards the grave. This thought set a chain of psychological taunts in motion, which caused his physical health to decline. I told him that his attitude was fueled by the ‘power of suggestion.’

Before he read the article, he admitted that he felt good. After reading the article, he began to lose sleep, suffer back pains, and became suspicious that his spouse was withholding sex from their plummeting marriage to ultimately watch him wither away and collect from a life insurance policy. So in self-defense, I suggested that he try to be nice and get back into her passionate graces.

However the plan backfired and his intimacy rations dwindled more.

That’s what he gets for asking me anything.

My nephew, bless his heart, became so paranoid that he considered the services of a prostitute but I convinced him that he might end up arrested by an undercover cop posing as a hooker. Even worse, I made him further paranoid about contracting AIDS, which might eventually lead to life insurance money for his wife. The tarnished thoughts of this fellow increased as his physical health decreased It wasn’t until he moved out of his house and into his own apartment that he realized the true cause of all his health problems. It was stress. In his own apartment where there was no stress, resentment, arguments, or frustrations, he discovered the peace that had been forsaken by a paranoid provoking magazine article. Instead of jumping in and out of overnight relationships, he focused on his spiritual life. He discovered that it was not his libido.

As he began to think clearly, we now laugh at his experience. We both now realize that lack of sex does not cause ones health to decline. A lack of peace of mind is the culprit of bad health. Positive thinking must remain a course of action especially during a bad relationship.

Too often the media guides our thinking to believe that without a hot sexual relationship you’re less than happy. However, to the contrary, as many married couples can attest, it was not lack of sex that caused their spouse to cheat. Finally, my nephew is mentally healthy again and stress free and without the aid or advice of a new sex study. Usually, good common sense is more reliable than a study. Recently, I had a conversation with a second man (not a relative) that read a similar study and now he has established a relationship outside his troubled marriage. Perhaps such studies are partially the reason so many men seek outside affairs.

The truth is, in my opinion, sex only boosts your bruised ego not your longevity or good health. Fact: More people get ill and/or die as a result of sex than no sex at all.

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