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The Abandoned Toy Wives of Married Men

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Little boys collect and play with toy soldiers only to abandon them when the novelty has worn off as adulterous married men collect, play with then abandon their toy wives.

It boggles my mind that so many single women are willing to play the toy wife of married men. Ever since the 1998 scandal of President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky it seems that well-known married men are constantly exposed in extra marital affairs with their human toys. Most of these well-known and unknown playboys gradually regain a healthy share of the respectability after they slither contritely by home, find God and/or spend a couple weeks in rehab. However my concern is not for the men but for toys of these men. Is there a rehab for the toy wives? Does God allow these women to find His hiding place?

It seems to me that the high suicide, alcoholism, drug addiction rate and other social ills in older women might be connected to unresolved emotional issues related to dating married men. Who ever heard of mistress therapy? Women that fraternize with other women’s husbands are frowned upon by the public but soon forgotten. The few that write tell-all books are usually ridiculed and become more disgraced than understood. Women pay a higher price than men for their sinful indiscretions.

While millions of women would willingly marry a man with the reputation of a whoremonger, a woman with a similar reputation is likely to grow old alone.

In the past twenty years, I had met at least four mature single women that have confided in me about their past affairs with married men. When I look around various churches and see the many older sisters jumping up shouting and passing out, it occurs to me that at least some of the sisters are in their personal rehab. Religion is a good place to cleanse one’s self of lingering regrets and move on with dignity.

However, there is another segment of society that harbors a mass number of women who struggle to hold their heads up. I can only imagine that it’s not a proud feeling to realize that you were merely a toy; although I’m sure there are toy wives that have been a toy so long that they don’t find it demeaning and might even be haughty about their status as some slaves loved their masters.

If I could advise a woman from a man’s perspective, I would say that she should not feel special because she has attracted the sensual attentions of a married man. An extra marital affair to most married men is equal to renting a car versus buying a car. No man changes the oil in a rented car; although, he will drive it until the wheels fall off. Too often, all across this nation, there are single women that have taken themselves off the dating scene because they are committed to a married man. Years from now, many of these women will sit at home alone with a glass of whiskey while their once midnight Romeos is home watching the Late, Late Show with his wife of 30 or 40 years.

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0 # Guest 2011-12-08 21:55
WOW...I have to say that I deeply disagree.
My concept is that if there are no apples in the store you can't buy them. If the woman say no end of the game. And how about woman that likes married man just to avoid responsibility...?

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