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Take Valentine's Day Gifts with a Grain of Salt

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Whenever advertisements provoke potential buyers to show their love by making a purchase of jewelry, flowers, candy, or even a card, a red flag goes up for me. There is so much commercialism in holidays, especially Valentine’s Day and Christmas, that merchants plan their emotional assault upon the public months in advance. During these advertisements, the moneymaker word “Love” is thrown around like confetti in a tickertape parade. The florists say, “Show her you love her with roses.” The jewelers say, “Show her you love her with a diamond,” the lingerie boutiques say, “Show him you love him with a peek-a-boo shut-yourmouth.”

While couples are purchasing, often out of tradition peppered with sheep-like guilt, merchants are raking in a bonanza peppered wolflike with savvy.

Valentine’s Day is a time to shower your love upon your lover, according to our American custom.

The fact that many women feel slighted if the man in their life doesn’t appear with some type of wrapped box or bouquet of flowers fuels deception in many men. Any candid florist, jeweler, or candy merchant can attest that some male customers purchase in qualities and have deliveries made to separate addresses. Therefore the presence of a gift is not always evidence of love. Neither is a candlelight dinner, though the gesture is sweet, evidence of love.

While I’m not an expert on love, I know that love is not reserved for a certain day on the calendar. Nor do I think love comes in the form of gifts, romantic dinner or physical intimacy. Each of the aforementioned are commonly rationed during Valentine’s Day to keep the status quo or to avoid conflict while the heart is absent from the room.

In many cases, either the male or female is not a slave to commercialism but submits to appease their partner. Such an individual realizes or believes that unless he or she does something traditional their partner would feel unloved or neglected.

However, I have known socalled lovebirds that went to great lengths to impress the other with superficial fondness while each lived a less than monogamous lifestyle.

Love is not demonstrated when the calendar says so but when the conspicuous heart speaks. The heart speaks not always with words and not always on a daily basis but with a constant attitude shrouded with concern for the other. Love is not a cut flower that dies in time but a plant that flourishes steadily when nourished with tears of joy. Love is not candy rich in sugarcoated guilt but sweet chocolate kisses of flesh unlike the triangle shaped kisses in aluminum foil. Nor is love a scanty silk gown from Victoria’s Secret but a stark naked existence stripped of deceit and selfishness, running hand-in-hand through the meadows of unified truth.

Be kind year round. Be thoughtful without ceasing. Be caring at all times but if you should fall short, be wise and buy a box of candy.

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